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Challenge Course at Binghamton University

Binghamton University's Challenge Course provides groups with a unique bonding experience, enhancing community building through physical and mental challenges.
Course staff and participants speak to the importance of teamwork and how the program prepares for future endeavors.

Fascination with Food: Meet Campus Chef Sam Pfaffenbach

Meet Sam Pfaffenbach, the chef manager of the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center Dining Hall. Follow him to the kitchen, where he shares his culinary journey and inspiration. For Pfaffenbach, food is playful and ever-evolving!

Binghamton Move-In Day 2015

College is an exciting new chapter in life, where you have an opportunity to craft your future. As students move in, we talked with them about the emotions (and excitement) that come with starting this next chapter!

Binghamton Favorites

Loving Binghamton University is effortless. In this episode of The Binghamton Buzz, we ventured out to ask students what qualities they embrace the most about campus.

Want to make a difference?

The Center for Civic Engagement's "Welcome Week Service Project" gives incoming freshman the opportunity to give back, make new friends, and get familiar with the Binghamton community.

The Binghamton Buzz - Bubble Mania

A new intramural sport powered by YouTube viral videos is now at Binghamton University.

University Fest

More than 200 student organizations lined the University "Spine" on August 30, 2014. Adding to the fun was a zip line, live music, free food, and inflatable water slides!

Move in Day 2014

More than 2,500 freshman arrived at Binghamton University for Move In Day on August 28, 2014. What's one thing they couldn't survive college without? 


Diversity Fellows benefit Binghamton

The diversity fellowship was developed in 2014 by then-Vice President of Administration James Van Voorst and was based on an initiative that the division undertook in the late 1990s. The fellows work in University offices on assignments that provide a variety of insight into how the campus runs on a daily basis. Read more.

Jaussi makes research part of the Dickinson experience

As a new faculty master, Kim Jaussi is bringing undergraduate research into a Binghamton University residential community for the first time. Read more.

Campus group helps students deal with emotions

For many students, college is their first experience of being on their own. And while they're constantly learning, students may not have learned how to accept and cope with stress and emotions. Read more.

Binghamton one of the Nation's Healthiest Campuses

Binghamton University is among the nation's top 25 healthiest college campuses according to Greatist, an organization whose mission is to "help the world think of health in a healthier way" by publishing "award-winning, crazy-sharable articles" about being healthy, happy and empowered. Read more.

Binghamton introduces Faculty-in-Residence program

Full-time faculty members given the opportunity to take part in the academic and intellectual life of one of the University's residential colleges. Read More

University joins Partnership for a Healthier America

Binghamton commits to deliver healthier options and promote physical activity to improve student, faculty, staff health. Read More

Students receive advice from original 'Chorus Line' actress

Theatre Department students video conference with Broadway actress at the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development before their opening of the classic musical. Read More

Launching the Careers of Students — Steven '91 & Judy '90 Fleishman recognized at Homecoming

Binghamton University hosted a dedication ceremony for the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development to recognize Steven Fleishman '91 and Judith Garczynski Fleishman '90 for their generosity and leadership in support of the Center. Read More

Residents wanted: Must love service!

Students prepare food for residents at Whitney Place, a supportive residence for homeless men operated by the nonprofit organization Rescue Mission as part of the Hinman College Public Service Learning Community. Read More 

New Fleishman Center director stresses collaboration

Kelli Smith the new director of the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development calls coming to Bnghamton, a "wonderful opportunity to take on a challenge and make a difference. My vision is that every student will be touched by our office during his or her time here," she said. Read More

Binghamton Blog

Safety at Binghamton University Overview

Safety on college campuses is a hot topic around the nation, and the safety of students and the entire campus community is of the highest priority at Binghamton. Here are some of the ways the University aims to keep students, staff and faculty safe, both on and off campus. Read more.

Binghamton, What Are You Thankful For?

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Is it your mom or her delicious pumpkin pie? Before heading home for the holidays, here's a look at what members of the Binghamton community are most thankful for. Read more.

8 Clubs at Binghamton You Probably Didn't Know About

With over 160 clubs and organizations to choose from, Binghamton students have every chance to get involved with something they love. From the Math Club to the Art Club, the possibilities are endless. But did you know there's a club for hula hoopers? Or an association for sharing ghost stories? Here's a list of eight of the clubs on campus that you probably didn't know about, but should. Read more.

6 Amazing Communities at Binghamton University

Inspired by Oxford University's campus model, Binghamton University offers six modern residential communities, each with its own distinct personality, neighborhood feel and faculty master (professors who bring together living and learning, helping students connect their academic life with their life outside the classroom). Whether you're into snacking, service or spectacular views, Binghamton has a community for you! Read more.

13 Hidden Gems on Binghamton University's Campus

Binghamton University is spread across 930 acres, and that doesn't include the various off-campus facilities. With that much space to roam, students may miss out on some of the coolest spots on campus if they stick to the same routes every day. Here are just some of the many hidden gems on campus -- some off the beaten path -- that deserve a visit. Read more.

11 Ways Binghamton Students Got In The Holiday Spirit This Year

Frost Fest, the Hand-to-Heart annual holiday drive, and hot chocolate bars in residential communities are just a few of the diverse celebrations, festive events and charitable initiatives at Binghamton. Read more.

11 Ways to Give Back

Here at Binghamton University there are plenty of ways you can make a difference in someone else's life. Our Center for Civic Engagement offers countless ways to give back, and we've listed just a few. Read more.

9 Things About Binghamton Sports That Are Better Than A Football Team

The BU Zoo, club sports and community competitions all make the list! Read more

22 Reasons To Live On Campus At Binghamton University

An all-inclusive bill, traditions, leadership opportunities, classes in your building, community bonfires and movies under the stars are among our favorites. Read more.

10 Things To Do With (Or Without) Your Parents On Family Weekend 2014

Family Weekend 2014 is packed with events that are both fun-filled and informative. Here's a list of cool (parents optional) activities taking place from Friday, Oct. 10 to Sunday, Oct. 12. Read more

Last Updated: 10/16/17