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Creating impactful student experiences

The Binghamton Fund for Student Life

Big or small, we are thankful for every gift. Gifts up to $1000 provide invaluable funding for the ongoing and greatest needs of the Division. Together with gifts from fellow alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends, your annual contribution to the Binghamton Fund provide technology, materials and equipment, transportation, training, financial support and countless opportunities for our students.

Online giving is easy and takes only minutes. Visit the online form and be sure to designate "Binghamton Fund for Student Life."

Gifts of $1,000 or more to the Binghamton Fund within a fiscal year will be recognized as members of the Binghamton Fund Leadership Society.

Funding what's special to you

If you are interested in giving above or in addition to the Binghamton Fund, we welcome the chance to talk with you and find a way to make your gift to the Division of Student Affairs memorable for you. These contributions are integral to growing the University and achieving our priorities.


B-Healthy: the Healthy Campus Initiative


Binghamton University recognizes the impact a favorable state of wellness can play in an individual’s overall success, both academically and personally. Students with a positive, flourishing health status have a greater ability and readiness to learn and fully engage in educational experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Support can provide:

  • $50 — RA programming featuring a health and wellness topic
  • $200 — Wellness Enhancement Scholarship i.e. fitness membership or long term nutrition counseling
  • $1,500 — Stationary exercise bike study station with table top for laptop and books

» Learn more about the Healthy Campus Initiative

Case Management Services


The Dean of Students mission is to support students on and off campus. When an emergency strikes, students often need case management support and resources quickly. They may contact the Dean of Students office to discuss resources available on- and off- campus, including temporary financial assistance to cover essential expenses. On campus, there is help available in the form of short-term loans or grants, as well as the Student Emergency Fund. 

Support can provide:

  • $50 — Care packages for parents traveling to Binghamton in an emergency
  • $200 — Student travel expenses related to the death of a family member
  • $1,000 — Staff training i.e. a guest speaker

» Learn more about Case Management Service

Emerging Leaders Program


The Emerging Leaders Program is a multi-faceted program designed to engage new students with the campus and local community while examining, developing and practicing leadership skills. First-semester freshmen and transfer students work collaboratively with faculty and staff program advisors and undergraduate peer mentors to learn about and practice leadership skills. 

Support can provide:

  • $50 — Transportation for students to and from community service sites
  • $200 — Training and development for student mentors i.e. Challenge Ropes Course program
  • $1,000 — Funding for a second semester experience including alumni speakers, programming and projects

» Learn more about the Emerging Leaders Program

High Impact Internships

Career Development Centralized Internship Program

Right from the start, the Fleishman Center helps students make informed decisions about their career journey and gain experience. Career center staff empower students to take advantage of a strong network of on- and off-campus resources and programs to facilitate learning, practical experience and connections to professional employment and advanced study. 

  • Support can provide:
  • $50 — Resources for educational programming on campus about internships
  • $1,000 — Internship seminar leader stipend for a faculty member
  • $2,500 — Unpaid summer internship stipend for a student i.e. commuting, clothing

» Learn more about the Fleishman Center Internship Program

Last Updated: 11/27/17