Apply for our Student Conduct Board

The Office of Student Conduct works collaboratively to create a safe and civil learning environment by offering multiple pathways to address student behavior. We strive to provide an unbiased, transparent and timely process that is developmental and holds students accountable while compliant with state and government mandates.

The term “Student Conduct Board” means a group of persons authorized by the Director of the Office of Student Conduct to determine whether a student has violated the Code of Student Conduct and to recommend sanctions that may be imposed when a rule violation has been committed.

Responsibilities of a Student Conduct Hearing Board Member

  • Understand the student conduct process and be familiar with the Code of Student Conduct. Ensure compliance with established policies and procedures of the student conduct process.
  • Be an essential member in the Office of Student Conduct to provide a fair and equitable hearing process for students.
  • Comprehensively adjudicate conduct cases by hearing testimony and reviewing information.
  • Review incident reports, statements, documents, etc. prior to the scheduled hearing.
  • Practice active listening when hearing the experiences shared by students before the hearing board.
  • Develop relevant questions appropriate to understand and learn about the specific incident and clarify facts.
  • Determine whether a student charged has violated a specified section of the Code of Student Conduct and recommend appropriate sanction(s) (if applicable).
  • Apply sanctions that will restore the community and be appropriately tied to the offense and tailored to repair harm.
  • Display sound judgement and decision-making skills.
  • Maintain a high level of confidentiality before, during and after Student Conduct Board hearings.
  • Attend mandatory training sessions as scheduled by the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Educate the campus community about the Code of Student Conduct and the Student Conduct hearing board process.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and represent the Office of Student Conduct in a positive manner. 
  • Foster and support an inclusive campus climate that appreciates and respects inclusions and diversity values consistent with the mission of the University.
  • Apply effective sanctions that emphasize education, development, and responsible behavior. 
  • Monthly commitment of 10-15 hours either for conduct hearings, focus groups and/or other initiatives sponsored by the Office of Student Conduct. 

As a board member, you will work directly with either the Community Standards Graduate Assistants or the Office of Student Conduct professional staff regarding conduct hearings. You will be required to communicate frequently regarding scheduled hearings. It is important for board members to check their email often regarding communication from the Office of Student Conduct.

The deadline to submit an application is May 14, 2021. Applications can be submitted via Handshake, Reference # 4684490. Please note that the Office of Student Conduct will review and schedule interviews on a rolling basis. If you are selected to participate as a student board member for the 2021-2022 academic year, training will be provided remotely in August 2021. 

Apply to be a Student Conduct Board member