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Student Conduct

Expunging Records

Voiding Student Conduct Records


  1. Requests to have a record expunged cannot be submitted until 6 months after the last sanction has ended. This will allow adequate separation from the case as well as time for adequate reflection on the part of the student.
  2. Expunging will apply to a total file rather than a single case from a file containing multiple cases.
  3. Expulsion cases are not eligible to be expunged.
  4. Suspension cases will not be considered for expunging until after the student graduates.
  5. For cases involving sanctions other than suspension or expulsion, records will not be expunged if any of the following factors apply to the student:
    1. The student is on the University's Student of Concern list
    2. The student is not in good academic standing with the University
    3. The sanction involves loss of contact with a person who is a current Binghamton University faculty, staff member or student
    4. The student is on hold for incomplete sanctions
    5. There is an incident in the student's file involving sexual misconduct, or other behaviors which pose a continued threat to the health and safety of members of the University community.
  6. Factors that enhance the probability that the request to expunge will be granted include:
    1. Demonstrated leadership and positive contributions to the campus community
    2. Demonstrated personal reflection and growth since the time of the incident
    3. The existence of a record based on a single low-level offense


Submit a request to expunge student conduct records

Last Updated: 6/21/17