Got Conflict?

Student Conflict and Dispute Management Program

The Student Conflict and Dispute Management Program (SCDMP) can assist with issues within and among student organizations, teams, clubs, roommate disputes and interpersonal issues. Our program provides a development approach to resolving conflicts, offers a safe space for open dialogue and active listening, and helps students build the skills of resilience, critical thinking and empathy.

Bearcats Resolve, Reconnect and Restore

We provide an environment for students to address conflict and harm among members of our campus community. We are committed to strengthening these communities through alternative and balanced methods that engage parties in mediation and restorative justice.

SCDMP creates a space for all parties to openly communicate and collaboratively decide on a resolution moving forward. The program helps students build skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, empathy and learning to work through difference with others.


  • Design community specific restorative justice initiatives and practices to address identified needs in the community and promote its principles.
  • Provide a process for
    1. Acknowledging and addressing harm as a violation of people and trust within a community
    2. Repairing the harm and restoring affected relationships.

Referral process:

  • Online referral form and/or walk-in consultations available
  • Trained mediators (faculty and staff) selected
  • Intake meeting scheduled
  • Decide if mediation or restorative justice is appropriate
  • Schedule session

Contact Us

Erin Kentos
Assistant Director of Student Conduct for Conflict Management
Student Conflict and Dispute Management Program

Office of Student Conduct, Binghamton University
Tuscarora Building, Suite 3J