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Student Conflict and Dispute Management Program Internship (2019–2020)

The Office of Student Conduct is excited to welcome our inaugural cohort of interns for the 2019–2020 academic year with our new internship for the Student Conflict and Dispute Management Program.

We are seeking applicants that are self-motivated, ambitious and eager to assist Binghamton University students in addressing and resolving conflict. Additionally, candidates must show willingness to be proactive and creative with the continued development of the Student Conflict and Dispute Management Program.

  • Two semesters: fall 2019 and spring 2020
  • Offered through CDCI program — 2 credit internship each semester
  • One hour class each week and 60 hours per semester internship hours
  • Serve as board member for level one student conduct hearings
  • Receive training to facilitate mediation and restorative justice sessions
  • Learn techniques to provide confidence coaching to students
  • Learn about alternative methods to conflict resolution
  • Facilitate intake sessions for students referred to the SCDMP
  • Provide outreach and education about the program to the campus community
  • Serve as a representative of the program
  • Help with recruitment for the 2020–2021 internship cohort
  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • Develop marketing materials for the program
  • Create digital content to share information about the program

For faculty and staff:

Staff and faculty are able to participate in the program and support our students through various options:

  • Volunteer to be a Community member. A community member is a person or persons who were not directly recipients of harm who can give voice to the impacts made upon the wider community and who may serve as a mentor or resource to the Person of Concern who seeks to repair the harm.
  • Become a facilitator and/or mediator. Mediators are trained staff or faculty members that assist in mediation sessions. Facilitators are trained staff or faculty members that assist in restorative justice sessions.