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How to get involved

For faculty or staff:

Staff and faculty are able to participate in the program and support our students through various options:

1) Volunteer to be a Community member: A community member is a person or persons who were not directly recipients of harm who can give voice to the impacts made upon the wider community and who may serve as a mentor or resource to the Person of Concern who seeks to repair the harm.

2) Become a facilitator and/or mediator: Mediators are trained staff or faculty members that assist in mediation sessions.

Facilitators are trained staff or faculty members that assist in restorative justice sessions.

For students:

In 2017 an internship will be offered to students providing an opportunity to become student mediators and/or facilitators and participate in mediations and restorative justice sessions. Be on the lookout for more information! Questions, email

Last Updated: 6/29/17