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Banners And Signs


The only banners permitted on Bartle Drive are large banners that span the road and smaller pole-mounted banners that promote the University’s institutional messages. All banners must be coordinated and approved by the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

The large banners on Bartle Drive are for promoting high-priority institutional events and events with a strong campus-community connection. Sponsoring organizations must obtain permission, including of banner design elements, from the Associate Vice President for University Communications and Marketing, who reserves the right to require design by the Office of Creative Services on campus.

The banner request form, along with terms, locations and other details, can be found online


Requests from sponsoring organizations/departments for general outdoor signage related to advertising or information about special events on campus must be submitted to the Office of University Communications and Marketing for approval as well as verification that such events have been authorized.

The University Police Department’s Office of Parking Services will determine the appropriate type and location of directional signage to be used. University personnel will create signs, as needed, and install and remove them.

A charge may be levied to the organization/department sponsoring the event for the creation, installation and/or removal of signs.

Last Updated: 9/24/19