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A Welcome From The President

Dear Student:

I am excited to welcome you to Binghamton University for the 2018-2019 academic year. You are part of an exceptionally talented student body that is recognized for its academic abilities, energy and creativity; and I am proud that you chose Binghamton.

This Student Handbook will acquaint all students – new and returning – about many aspects of Binghamton University. In these pages, you will see descriptions of the services and activities available to students, as well as our rules governing academic life and our Code of Student Conduct. This code, developed with student input and endorsement, provides the model for student interactions on campus and is central to Binghamton's unique culture and community. The code establishes the responsibilities that students have in making this a campus that values integrity, professionalism, respect and fairness. I ask that you review these rules and the code and abide by them.

Binghamton University offers exceptional opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom that add value to your time inside the classroom. Whether you participate in intramurals, undergraduate research, community service, or take a semester to study abroad, Binghamton has something for everyone to make your experience more fulfilling and more fun.

Thank you for choosing Binghamton. I hope your year ahead is both challenging and successful.



Harvey Stenger

Last Updated: 9/24/19