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Variability in the Manufacture, Production, and Use of Prehistoric Ceramics, Laboratory tasks


In a collaborative effort involving Anthropology and Chemistry faculty and students, we are beginning a project that is focused on explaining the variability in the manufacture, production, and use of prehistoric ceramics across the Southeastern parts of North America.

We are searching for students interested in gaining skills in the analysis of archaeological ceramics and conducting laboratory-based research. Students will be given the opportunity to learn how to study prehistoric pottery, catalog artifacts, as well as how to prepare and run samples for pyrotechnological measurements using analytic instruments.

Students will be required to take the general Lab Safety Training course on campus and the ADL Lab Safety training course. While there is no monetary compensation for assisting in this project, those who participate will gain research experience and have the opportunity to present posters/papers at conferences and coauthor on articles.

Desired skills include experience with statistical analyses, use of Microsoft Excel, excellent writing skills, laboratory experience, basic competency in chemistry and a background in archaeology. Preference will be given to Anthropology majors.

Faculty Advisor: Carl Lipo

Academic Department: Anthropology and Chemistry

Website: [Coming Soon]

Classification: Volunteer

Position Availability:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter


  • Junior
  • Senior

Appropriate Major(s):

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geology
  • Anthropology

Minimum GPA (if applicable): n/a

Pre-requisite coursework/experience: Req'd to take Gen Lab Training course & ADL Lab Safety training course. Exp. w/stat analyses, Microsoft Excel, excellent writing skills, lab experience. Basic competency in Chem & background in archaeology.

Application Deadline: ongoing

Application Procedure:

Interested undergraduates should contact Professor Carl Lipo (, or Tiffany Raymond - PhD student (