Source Project

A First-Year Research Experience in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The exploration of ideas and perspectives are fundamental to finding new ways to understand—and support—the human experience. Undertaking research in the humanities and social sciences as a first-year student can give you a toolset to apply throughout your life.

A Sequence of Two Research Courses in Your First Year

The Source Project is a sequence of two, four-credit courses in fall and spring semesters that we call research streams, where first-year students have the opportunity to discover sources, and from them, gain new knowledge about the messy and ever-changing world we inhabit. Students will ask questions and seek answers, guided by experienced faculty who engage in these practices as their profession. Students will produce original projects that express their findings and learn how to communicate and disseminate the relevance of what they have found with classmates as well as others outside of the classroom.

Credit towards General Education, a Major or Minor

Each research stream carries general education credits and could count towards a minor or a major, should a student decide to pursue that path. The research topics are broadly conceived to support our students’ academic success and professional opportunities beyond the Source Project.

A Guided Path Towards Academic and Professional Success

Students can work with staff at the Undergraduate Research Center to find summer research opportunities, fellowships, graduate and post-baccalaureate opportunities.

Opportunities to be Part of Compatibly Themed Residential Learning Community

College in the Woods has the Politics, Law, and Society learning community that brings together students who are interested in electoral politics, public policy, public administration, and the legal professions in a shared residential setting, and the International Relations/Cultural Exchange learning community for those interested in international relations focusing on critical global issues such as human rights, humanitarian efforts for refugees and other displaced peoples, the environment, and world health. Any Source Project student interested in this program should check their website or contact Collegiate Professor Stephen Ortiz for more information.

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