Source Project

A First-year Research Experience in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The exploration of ideas and perspectives are fundamental to finding new ways to understand — and support — the human experience. Undertaking research in the humanities and social sciences as a first-year student can give you a toolset to apply throughout your life.

A Sequence of Two Research Courses in Your First Year

The Source Project is a sequence of two, four-credit courses called research streams that take place in fall and spring semesters of a student's first year. Students have the opportunity to discover sources and interpret their signficance. They ask questions and seek answers, guided by experienced faculty who engage in these practices as their profession. Students produce original projects that express their findings and learn how to communicate and disseminate the relevance of what they have found.

The Source Project is an excellent opportunity to connect with other first-year peers who share similar interests. This experience provides a dynamic and engaging small class environment that encourages the building of meaningful connections with both fellow students and professors.

Throughout their year in the Source Project, students not only gain impactful knowledge, they become the sources of knowledge themselves.  

Credit toward Degree Requirements

Each research stream carries general education attributes and could count towards a minor and/or a major, should a student decide to pursue a degree in the field of their research stream. Many of these courses are cross-listed among several departments. The research topics are broadly conceived to support our students’ academic success and professional opportunities beyond the Source Project.

A Guided Path Toward Academic and Professional Success

Students can work with staff at the Undergraduate Research Center to find summer research opportunities, fellowships, graduate and post-baccalaureate opportunities. Our students present their work at our annual Research Days Student Poster Session, publish in the Binghamton University Undergraduate Journal, and Binghamton Law Quarterly, gain entrance to the Summer Scholars and Artists Program, intern at the Refugee Family Reunification Clinic at Sheffield Hallam University in Great Britain, apply to national fellowship programs like Fulbright US Student Program, the Harry S. Truman Scholarship and more. 

Our first cohort of Source Project students graduated from Binghamton University in May 2022, with Julia Saltzman and David Hatami selected to be commencement speakers.

Eliza Klinger is the first Source Project student to win a Fulbright award to teach English in South Korea as part of her path towards a career in immigration law that she began in the Human Rights stream.

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