Beyond the Source Project

A Guided Path Toward Academic and Professional Success

The Source Project Research Program prepares students to excel throughout the rest of their college career and guides them to exceptional opportunities.

Our students present their work at our annual Research Days Student Poster Session, publish in the Binghamton University Undergraduate Journal and Binghamton Law Quarterly, gain entrance to the Summer Scholars and Artists Program, start and lead student organizations, apply to national fellowship programs, and obtain prestigious internships. 

Our first cohort of Source Project students graduated from Binghamton University in May 2022, with Julia Saltzman and David Hatami selected to be commencement speakers.

Eliza Klinger is the first Source Project student to win a Fulbright award to teach English in South Korea as part of her path towards a career in immigration law that she began in the Human Rights stream.

Jubie Tan gained valuable experience in project and emotional management while tackling large-scale group assignments, helping to prepare her for success in her field of psychology. She learned skills essential to teamwork, which she believes are key to effective peer leadership. Jubie had the chance to demonstrate these skills as vice president and president of Active Minds, which helps connect BU students to mental health resources and advocates for awareness of mental health issues. After the Source Project, Jubie had the opportunity to present her research at the Northeast Modern Language Association’s annual convention in Baltimore. Jubie continues to conduct education research with her Source Project instructor, and they recently submitted a paper to the American Society for Engineering Education.

What do students say? 

“The Source Project definitely shaped my academic career here at Binghamton because it taught me in a safe environment many skills that I would need for the future. Before entering college, I had only done research in biological science, which differs from social science research. As a liberal arts major, The Social Context of Learning provided me the time to learn skills I have used often since. For example, last semester in my graduate level class I had to write a literature review and I knew exactly how to tackle it because of my time in this program.”

“I interned at the Broome County Public Defender's Office through the Human Rights Source Project class, and it has solidified my decision to go into criminal law. Having that great connection with the BCPDO is also super beneficial, and will allow me to have more opportunities in the legal field.”

“My experience was incredible and I often tell people about my experiences. Even now… I feel like I have an amazing and constantly-growing network of intelligent and like-minded people… I truly believe that this program helped me find my passion and now, I can't imagine myself pursuing anything else career-wise. Professor Moore helped create a great academic foundation and made the adjustment to university incredibly more manageable. She included me in every aspect of her own research and helped me develop the skills to put together an impressive piece of work for myself. I have continued to work with her and feel incredibly lucky to have met her through the Source Project. It is a program I would recommend to anyone interested in the humanities!”

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