Share Your Work

Share Your Research or Creative Work

Communicating the results of your research, scholarly or creative work is a critical phase of the research process. Presenting your findings requires you to place your research into context, to connect it with other works and to explore new and unanswered questions. Sharing your research also entails that you prioritize, meet deadlines and follow protocol. The process teaches you how to react to reviews-both negative and positive. Source: Council on Undergraduate Research

There are a variety of platforms to share your research, scholarly or creative work both within and outside the Binghamton University community. Whether you publish an article in a research journal, present at a professional conference or meeting, attend a research consortium, participate in a show or exhibition, or are involved with a performance, you will find many benefits to sharing your work with other professionals.

Journals exclusively for Binghamton University undergraduates:

Journals for Undergraduate Submission:

Other Binghamton opportunities to publish:

Professional Conferences and Meetings

Ready to share your work with others in a professional setting outside the classroom?  Professional conferences and meetings range from undergraduate-only conferences to those sponsored by disciplinary and other professional organizations and may be offered at all levels: local, state, national and international. Speak to your faculty mentor for guidance about discipline-specific conferences and meetings they recommend you attend. Take a look at the many options available, including details on when abstracts are due and when the meeting or conference typically takes place.

  • Take a look at the many options available.

Public Presentations

Research may be presented to members of the local community at events or meetings.

Consider applying to Binghamton's TEDx presentations to share your work outside of the classroom!

Research Symposia

Research symposia are events held at campuses or other large venues which showcase the work of several researchers simultaneously. Participants present their work to students, faculty and community members through posters or exhibits.

Examples include: