Spring 2015 SSS Events

The Wonder of Annotation, or, the Importance of Active Reading
Thursday, 2/19 | 1:30 to 2:30 pm | UU 124

Have you ever wondered how your fellow classmates easily quote authors and facts during class discussion? Ever complain that finding quotations and specific references—to support your essay ideas—takes too long? Do you find yourself falling asleep while reading? Or worse, do you find your eyes drifting along pages of text, without remembering what you just read?

In The Wonder of Annotation, or, the Importance of Active Reading, you will learn the art and importance of paying attention while you read. You will discover how annotating not only saves you time, but makes you a more confident reader—and therefore, a more successful student.

Nature Preserve Hike

Thursday, 2/27 | Starts at 3:30 pm in UU 256

Steve will be leading another trip into the nature preserve right on the edge between Winter and Spring. Come to UU 256 at by 3:20 PM dressed for the weather, and be prepared for anything from snow to mud on the trails!

Creating Your Online Brand

Thursday, 3/5 | 4:30 to 5:30 pm | UU 209

Your social media footprint says a lot about you as a prospective employee. Come and learn how to put your best foot forward on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter.

SSS Game Night

Wednessday, 3/11 | 5 to 9 pm | UU 256

Board Games are a great way to socialize and have fun with friends or even complete strangers. The beginning of the semester is long and has no breaks, so you're bound to be feeling a little stressed. Take an hour or two to come enjoy a new board game with other students and some of the SSS staff.

When to Pass/Fail, When to Withdraw

Thursday, 3/19 | 3:30 to 4:30 pm | TBD

The grade change / course withdraw deadline is coming up (March 27th)! Come to this talk for some good pointers on when you can or should pass/fail or withdraw from a course while you still have some time to make a decision!

What would you do?

Wednesday, 3/25 | 5 to 6 pm | UU 111

Are you a STEM major? Are you planning on working in a professional environment? Do you know the difference between ethics and morals? Come enjoy a fun activity on workplace ethics and learn to deal with those tough situations.

GirlSSS Night In!

Friday, 3/27 | 6 to 10 pm | UU 256

Chick Flicks. Magazines. Manicures. Popcorn. Girl Talk. Pajamas Mandatory. Pillow Fights Optional. Chocolate. Dance Party. Pranks. Most importantly, NO BOYS ALLOWED.

Join Regina and Marissa on Friday, March 27th from 6pm to 10pm in the SSS Office for a non-sleepover SSSlumber Party!

Nature Preserve Hike

Thursday, 4/30 | Starts at 3 pm in UU 256

Steve will be leading another trip into the nature preserve just before finals. The weather really starts to get nice this time of year, but the trails are still likely to be muddy, Come to UU 256 by 2:50 PM dressed for the weather, and be prepared for the trail conditions.

Transferable Skills: Zombie Fighting

Monday, 5/4 | 4 to 5 pm | UU 121

Part of selling yourself in interviews and making new connections with people are the stories you have at the ready.Come learn about getting engaged in unique, eye-catching opportunities, and how to analyze and use them to create stories that help convince an employer to hire you.



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