Information for Student Online Success

Introduction to Zoom 

Video resources are available at Zoom Resources

Zoom may serve as the platform for:

  • Class Discussions: Your online course may have required live sessions for instruction and class discussion. Live-session class discussions require that you participate with a microphone and webcam. You must be prepared to discuss that week's asynchronous material in your weekly live-session class discussion. This means if you have class on Monday, you must have completed that week's asynchronous material prior to your scheduled live session on Monday.
  • Office Hours: Instructors may post online office hours to give students opportunities to ask and clarify questions about the course, review assignments or upcoming coursework.
  • Study Groups: In some courses, you may be assigned a group project where you will need to meet on a regular basis to complete the project. As a student, you have the ability to create Zoom sessions for you and your group members to work on group assignments.

Accessing Zoom from within myCourses

  1. Before visiting myCourses, create your Binghamton Zoom account at Click Sign In to configure your account by logging in with your PODS account. 
  2. To access a live session, first log into myCourses and click on your specific course in the "My Courses" section of your landing page. Then, select Tools > Zoom Meetings. NOTE: If your instructor has given you different instructions from this to access your Zoom meetings, follow those. 
  3. After you locate the date and time for the appropriate session, click on "Join” located on the right side of the screen.
  4. Each live session link is unique to an individual session and a user in that session. This means that the link only works for you in that session. If you don't see "Join", it is possible the session has not opened yet; be sure to check the sessions date and time you selected.
  5. Upon entering the live session, you will be prompted to set up your audio and video. If your instructor has permitted it, you may have the ability to use your phone for audio.

For more information on participating in a Zoom meeting, visit How to Participate in a Zoom Meeting.


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