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Binghamton University's Information Technology Services Department has implemented a number of green-computing projects to save money and protect the environment.

Learn more below and explore related information on the energy page within this website as well as on the Information Technology Service's Go Green webpage.


  • Implemented a campus-wide computer equipment-recycling program for desktops, laptops, monitors, servers, cables, keyboards, printers, copiers, audio speakers, communications equipment and more. Since May 2008, we have recycled 200+ skids of equipment (a skid contains roughly 72 cubic feet of equipment).
  • Reduced the number of air conditioning units in the main machine room and the Watson School server farm and raised the temperature from 66˚ to 74˚.
  • In the machine room, we improved airflow, implemented environmental monitoring and use outside air for cooling whenever possible.
  • Converted reports to electronic formats to reduce demands for printing.
  • Replaced older servers with energy-efficient models.
  • Developed and implemented a University-wide campaign to reduce PC power consumption.
  • Moved external departmental servers to a centralized site for improved power management and efficiency.

Next steps

  • Reduce paper consumption campus wide
  • Research network tools that will enable sleep settings for computers in pods and labs
  • Evaluate alternative energy sources
  • Create a University-wide printing campaign to reduce paper and toner consumption
  • Review air temperature requirements for servers in the main machine room
  • Investigate the implementation of an enterprise wide fax server to reduce faxing costs
  • Virtualize Unix servers
  • Research cloud computing alternatives

Last Updated: 8/13/14