About Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities

Our flexible two-year program is ideal for students committed to making the world a more livable place. Students can pursue a Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Science (MS) in Sustainable Communities, depending on which degree suits their interests.

By focusing on the three pillars of sustainability — environmental protection, economic vitality and social equity — our students gain the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to think holistically and become leaders in the field.   

Our program’s rigorous academics, emphasis on social justice, dedicated faculty, and affordable tuition ensure students receive a great return on their educational investment.

What you can do with your degree

With its integration of the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, our program expands our students’ job opportunities.

Our graduates are skilled problem solvers who become public officials, community leaders, managers and planners.

What we teach students

Our students develop an intellectual and experiential understanding of sustainability and its three pillars.  We teach them how to:

  • communicate effectively about sustainability to different audiences and for different purposes
  • understand the ethical implications of sustainability practices from diverse cultural, political and social perspectives
  • apply and assess sustainability policies in various settings
  • translate community needs into meaningful policy solutions