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Undergraduate Study in Theatre

Bachelor of Arts

The Binghamton University Theatre Department offers courses and practical experience to undergraduate students in many areas of theatre and performance studies. Majors concentrate in one of the following three areas: Acting/Directing, Dance, or Design and Technical Theatre. The department also offers instruction in theatre history, criticism, dramatic literature and performance theory. Binghamton University offers a combined Theatre BA/MPA degree program, more information here

Theatre majors take a minimum of 44 credit hours from the theatre curriculum and an additional 12 credit hours of specified liberal arts courses. The theatre major includes a core curriculum of six courses to introduce beginning students to the theatre.
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These courses are:

  • Technical Production
  • Theatre History
  • Theory and Criticism of Drama
  • Performance and Modern Culture

and one of the following:

  • Actor Training
  • Ballet I
  • Beginning African Dance
  • Jazz I
  • Modern I

In addition, students must take an upper level design or technology course to be chosen from

  • Stage Lighting I
  • Costume Technology
  • Sound
  • Theatre Production Technology
  • Stage Design Workshop

Other credits come from hands-on experiences (practica) in the shops, on stage and backstage and from electives. Explore the different concentrations in the theatre degree program here

Last Updated: 4/7/17