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Classes for New Students

Please note that some of the classes listed have space reserved for freshman specifically. Freshman are also welcome to work backstage for our productions for credit. Contact Marisa Wade for costume crew and Don Guido for Stage Crew. Any questions, please e-mail us anytime.

THEA 101: Intro to Musical Theatre

4:25—5:50 pm, TR, Lecture Hall 008, Kevin Oakes

Step into the world of musical theatre, broaden your understanding and appreciation of this art form. Explore how all the different elements of a musical, the music, the lyrics, the book, the direction, the choreography, and all design elements come together to transform source material into something both musical and magical. GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)

THEA 102: Intro to Theatre

2:50 - 4:15 pm TR, Lecture Hall 008, Kevin Oakes

Why do people love theater? Through readings, videos, guest artists, discussions and viewing/critiquing live performances, you will develop a basic theater vocabulary and appreciation for this most collaborative of art forms and maybe grow to love theatre too!. For non-majors. GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)


1:30–3 p.m. F in FA 166, instructor TBA
Get comfortable with music in theory AND in practice! Learn how to read music (yes, it's important! You should learn how to do this) and how to properly sing/interpret sheet music - truly understand what melody and harmony sounds like! This fulfills the music requirement for Theatre Majors and recommended to be taken alongside other singing and acting classes listed here. 2 credits.

THEA 207: Acting I

  • Section 01: 9:40—11:50 am MW, Fine Arts 331, Carol Hanscom

  • Section 02: 12:00—2:10 pm MW, Fine Arts 331, Carol Hanscom

  • Section 03: 10:05 am—12:15 pm TR, Fine Arts 331, Carol Hanscom

  • Section 04: 10:05 am—12:15 pm TR, Fine Arts 196 (Studio B), Sarah Simmons

  • Section 05: 1:15—3:25 pm TR, Fine Arts 331, Sarah Simmons

Develop your acting skills through regular warm-ups, improvisational, imaginative and ensemble-building theater exercises as well as beginning scene study. Learn what it means to be fully present with another human being on stage; to live truthfully in the given circumstances of a play; to play actions and pursue an objective both in improvisations and in a scene; and to talk and listen truthfully in order to affect one's acting partner. GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)

THEA 208: Acting I (Advanced)

3:30–5:40 pm MW, Fine Arts 192 (Studio A) with Elizabeth Mozer

Have acting experience? Then this is the class for you! Develop your awareness of others and focusing that awareness through text on changing the behavior of the others in the scene. SPECIAL PREREQUISITES: Admission by instructor's permission through Interview/Auditions, contact to schedule your time slot. GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)


1:20–3:20 p.m. MW in FA 196 (Studio B/Gruber Theater) with Tommy Iafrate
Are you curious about performing in musicals, but not sure where to begin? Then this class is for you! Learn the foundations of various aspects of musical theatre performance (singing, dancing, and acting) and bring group songs from the musical theatre canon to life. No auditions required. 4 credits.

THEA 203: Technical Production

  • Section 01: 12-2:10 pm, MWF, Fine Arts 243, Craig C.  Saeger

  • Section 02 (for Majors & Minors): 12-2:10 pm, MWF, Fine Arts 243, Craig C.  Saeger

Classes delve into introductory material on designers and their functions; scenic and costume construction techniques; stage rigging, hardware and material; sound; stage procedures and safety. Team taught. Section quizzes, projects, final projects and 2 half semester examinations. Corequisite: THEP 216 or other (THEP 213 or THEP 214 or THEP 215) as determined by instructor. GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)

THEA 224: Basic Dance for Musical Theatre

  • Section 01: 10:05—11:25 am, MW, Fine Arts 104, with Kaniel Pryntz-Nadworny

  • Section 02: 10:05—11:25 am, TR, Fine Arts 104, with Kaniel Pryntz-Nadworny

Created for the theater major/minor without dance experience, this course will incorporate exercises which will expand one's movement vocabulary. It will include simplified dance sequences from Broadway shows and will deal with style, retention of steps, bodyline, how to count and other basic dance necessities. GEN ED: Y (Activity)


10:50 a.m.—1 p.m., F, Fine Arts 196 (Gruber Theater) and 242, with Peter Sicilian

Bring your singing skills for musical theatre to the next level! Explore techniques used for healthy vocal production through the discussion and study of postural alignment, breathing, tone production, diction, phrasing, and text communication as it relates to musical theatre. ​2 credits. No pre-requisites, but for majors and minors only at the moment.


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