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Associate Professor - Emeritus

Office: Fine Arts - 222
(607) 777-2094

Theatre History
Performance Theory
Acting and Directing
PhD, 1970, Florida State University 

Don Boros received his Ph.D. at Florida State University in 1970, under the direction of Martin Esslin. At Binghamton, Professor Boros has been Director of Graduate Studies in Theatre, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Theatre, and acting Department Chairman.

Professor Boros has previously been employed at the University of Iowa, University of Massachusetts, University of Michigan, Grinnell College, Warnborough College (Oxford), University of London, City University (London), and the DeLeon Drama School (London). He has directed 30+ productions and has acted in 50+. He has also been a sound designer, scenic designer, lighting designer and playwright. Professor Boros has developed and designed a Virtual Textbook on 20th century Russian theatre, accessible only by protected password, and has edited [Some] ISMS, which is pending publication.

Professor Boros has presented papers and lectured in the United States, France, England, Germany, South Africa, Japan, and Micronesia. He has also participated in workshops and conferences in those countries as well as Spain and Australia. He adds to that being a guest of performance festivals, theatres, etc. in Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France, Greece, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Vietnam. In addition, he studied the entertainments of explorers while at sea by going to Antarctica to relive their experiences. He has worked with the Sankai Juku Butoh company, Yuri Lyubimov (in London and at LaScala in Milan), and Samuel Beckett-by invitation-in London.

Among Professor Boros's significant achievements are being the creator and principal instructor of two courses involving regularly scheduled real-time videoconferencing with artists and scholars in Russia and co-creator and local administrator of the world's first interactive internet course in the arts. He created the first international theatre festival in US while at the University of Michigan and developed the Festival of Alternatives in the Arts at Binghamton. He is the founder or co-founder of two academic and production programs in England. He has developed 17 new courses and is the principal author of two different MFA programs. Most recently, he was the co-creator and Administrative Director of a study abroad program called the Total Art of Chinese Theatre, through which he helped to establish close and lasting ties with the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing. (Altogether, he has taken students abroad on eight occasions.) For his accomplishments, Professor Boros has been honored with the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Binghamton University Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Presidential Award for Innovative Instruction, and the Chancellor's Award for Internationalization. He has also been given the Educational Leadership Award for Teaching by his alma mater, St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Professor Boros continues to research the birth of "movements" in the arts, the relationship of all arts to each other and to popular culture in the 20th and 21st century Asian theatre, and ritual in theatre and domestic life in the third world. To do the latter, he visits and/or lives with indigenous people, mainly in South America, Asia, and the Pacific Rim whenever possible.



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