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Professional Staff

Office: Fine Arts - 231
(607) 777- 2256

Scenic Artist/ Asst. Technical Director
BA, 1967, Shanghai Theater Academy
MA, 1992, Binghamton University

Biography In my youth, I lived in an Eastern Venetian style village south of the Yangtze River. Scenes of delicate bridges and streams have always been the center of my creations. The kindheartedness and the down-to-earth nature of the villagers left deep impressions in my mind. From them, I was shown the ways of being a good person and I have lived my life based on its principles ever since.

In the sixties, I was one of the fortunate few that were accepted by the Shanghai Theater Academy. The academy is an elite and well-known art institute. From there I have built a solid foundation in art training and it is where my long artistic journey began.

In the seventies, I started my professional career at Shanghai Shaoxing Opera Company and became a stage designer. While working for this top rated theatrical company, I further enriched my artistic experience. I was also given opportunities to tour around the country to see the beautiful land of China. Scenery such as the magnificence of the Great Wall, the grandeur of the Yellow River, the pure whiteness of the northern mountains, the fiery redness of the southern kapok and the splendor of the Chien-Tang tides made me realize the greatness of China and I am proud of my Chinese heritage.

In the eighties, I brought with me a wish of being a cultural diplomat and arrived in the United States. This is where I pursued exchange and integration of eastern and western cultures. For ten years my mission has been to incorporate the essence of western idealism and technique into the more traditional eastern arts, and at the same time preserve the integrity of the eastern heritage.

In general, I feel that westerners do not have a thorough understanding of eastern culture. Media portrays China as a mystical, militant third world country through many varieties of propaganda. I will try to use my art as a tool to let westerners achieve a better understanding of the eastern culture. I love my birth place China and I also love my second homeland America. I wish these two outstanding countries will forever be friends and work diligently to contribute to peace. Qianghua Wang's Studio is Wang's personal website.



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