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Student Profile: Kailie White

A question & answer with a dual major in economics and theatre, concentrating in stage management.

By Jacqueline Eizak

Question: What made you choose Binghamton University?

Answer: I applied to 10 different colleges and visited them all. When it came time to decided I chose Binghamton because I saw myself fitting in there. Everyone I met seemed normal whereas those I met at other schools seemed to be trying too hard and faking their enthusiasm for the school. The price point didn’t hurt either.


Q: How did you choose to double major in Theatre and Economics respectively?

A: I started doing theatre in high school and when I thought about my career it was the only thing I could picture myself doing happily for the rest of my life. My parents told me they would only support my decision to do theatre if I had a backup major. I chose economics almost at random and I’m so happy I did. I think it’s a super interesting subject! When it comes down to it, economics is more the study of how people make decisions than how they make money which is a super cool thing to look at mathematically. My job as a stage manager is to manage people so having economics to help understand incentives is incredibly helpful, even if I’m not analyzing while I talk to people.


Q: What do you love about stage management in particular?

A: I love tech week and helping all the departments come together. During rehearsal, all the departments work alone creating all the individual pieces of a production. The actors learn their tracks, the scene shop builds the set, the lights get hung…etc. During tech week all the pieces come together to create the show and my job is to make sure these pieces (cues) happen at the right time. It’s a lot of collaboration and troubleshooting and it makes the final product so satisfying.


Q: What was the moment when you realized “oh, I think I want to do stage management”?

A: There wasn’t a specific moment. I painted sets in high school and it was suggested to me I would be a good stage manager. I tried it out and had a great time. I kept doing it and the more I did it the more I knew I wanted to stage manage.


Q: What theatre class at Binghamton did you learn the most from? Which class in any department have you found the most interesting?

A: What I like about the theatre department the most is practica credit. We get credit for working on shows, which I like because theatre is something you can only learn by doing. Therefore, I would say that the theatre class I learned the most from is all the productions I've worked on here. Problem solving real problems is always more effective than solving made up problems with one defined solution. The most interesting class I’ve taken was probably the economics of crime and corruption. It used the tools of economics (decision making) to analyze criminal behavior.  


Q: Who is your favorite theatre professor at Binghamton?

A: ...[I can't} this question. I’m close with most of the professors in the department and would get in a lot of trouble if I picked one.


Q: What shows have you been in/worked on for the theatre department?

A: I’ve worked on Proof, A Chorus Line, Anne Boleyn, Stupid F*cking Bird, God of Carnage, Hamlet, Bells Are Ringing and this semester I am working on Lady Windermere’s Fan.


Q: Which play that you’ve worked on has had your favorite stage directions/setup?

A: My job is to have no opinion on artistic decisions, just to make sure they happen safely and the design integrity is maintained during the run.


Q: What are your goals/plans post-graduation?

A: I want to continue stage managing. I don’t know where or in what capacity, but I can’t see myself doing anything else.


Q: What is your favorite part about being part of the Binghamton University theatre department?

A: Everyone here is so supportive of each other. The department is super small and we treat one another like a family.

Kailie White is in the class of 2017.


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Last Updated: 5/17/17