Adolescence Education (MSED)

Our advanced preparation (in-service) programs in adolescence education are designed for students who have an undergraduate degree and teacher certification (grades 7-12) in one or more academic disciplines (English, French, Spanish, mathematics, social studies, biology,  chemistry,  earth science, physics) and seek a master’s degree. This program combines advanced study and practice in both an academic area and in professional education, enhancing the teaching and leadership abilities of secondary-school educators. Students who complete the degree are eligible for New York State professional certification (see Teacher Certification for more information).

Students must complete the degree within five years of matriculating in the program and must earn a cumulative average of B or better to graduate. See also: Graduate School Academic Policies.

Program requirements

These programs require a minimum of 32 credit-hours. All courses must be selected with the advice and approval of the student's faculty advisor based on the student's strengths, academic background and professional experience.

Students in the MSEd in Adolescence Education programs must take courses in the following areas: discipline content courses (8 credits), discipline-specific pedagogy courses (12 credits), and education electives (15 credits). Education electives are drawn from the categories of psychology and cultural foundations, literacy and learning, special education and research/assessment. 

Culminating paper/project requirements

The discipline-specific SEC 592 course requires students in the advanced preparation programs to complete a culminating project that integrates lessons learned from their program of study into an action research project connected to their classroom practice.

Plans of study

The plan of study for the Adolescence Education MSEd programs provides students and advisors with a form to guide students through the requirements.

Required courses

In addition to 2 courses in the academic discipline and 5 elective education courses, students will complete:

Students enrolled in teacher preparation programs must earn at least a B- in all courses to progress to subsequent semesters.

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