Initial Teacher Preparation Programs (MSEd, MAT)

Childhood and Early Childhood (CEC) Initial Preparation Programs

These two-year programs prepare individuals to teach children from birth through grade 6 and to earn multiple certifications at the early childhood and childhood levels in New York state. Two pathways toward a master’s degree are offered, including literacy and special education.

Adolescence (Secondary) Education Initial Preparation Programs
These programs prepare individuals to teach in grades 7-12 and to earn initial certification in adolescence education in New York state. We offer master's level programs across disciplines, including English, French, Spanish, mathematics, social studies, biology, chemistry, earth science and physics.

Adolescence (Secondary) Education Accelerated Degree Programs
The bachelor’s-MAT accelerated degree programs accommodate the needs of a select group of Harpur College students who wish to efficiently combine an undergraduate degree with a graduate-level certification program. These options save students one semester of time compared to the separate, sequentially taken bachelor’s and MAT degrees.

To be eligible for the accelerated program, a student must have entered Binghamton University at the beginning of the freshman year and completed the following five semesters with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or better in the major and overall (i.e., transfer students are not eligible for the accelerated program but may apply to the MAT program). We offer bachelor's-MAT programs across disciplines, including French, Spanish, and mathematics.