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Program Advisor & Plan of Study

Program advisor

Upon admission, students will be assigned an initial faculty advisor. Although the initial advisor may also be the program advisor, a more informed decision on an advisor is made after students have had the chance to spend time with the initial advisor, had opportunities to connect with other faculty and have become integrated into the program.

The role of the initial advisor is to help mentor the student into the pedagogy of EdD studies, provide initial guidance on course sequencing and scheduling, identify potential advisors and committee members for students, and support students in navigating challenges encountered in the doctoral program. Although we try to match students with advisors at the outset, after completing 12 credits of coursework (i.e., by the end of the second or third semester), students are expected to formalize their choice of advisor.

Program advisors serve as students’ professional mentors by guiding students through the major milestones in their programs and professional socialization in the larger academic community (e.g., co-authoring papers, manuscript reviews, introducing them to colleagues, nominating them for awards). The program advisor will also: (a) maintain the academic standards of the doctoral program and the Graduate School and assure that all procedures are carried out fairly, (b) ensure that comprehensive examinations are conducted in a timely fashion and (c) arrange and conduct all meetings.

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study form should be completed during an advising meeting by the end of the first academic year (full-time students) or by the end of the third semester of coursework (part-time students). Once the form has been completed and signed, submit the form to the doctoral coordinators for review and signature. Plans of study will be filed in student files by the Student Services secretary for future reference. Any amendments to the plan of study should be documented on the Plan of Study form and approved by the doctoral coordinators.

Last Updated: 12/22/17