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Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership

Adolescence Education Degree (MAT)

Our initial preparation (preservice) programs in adolescence education are designed for students who have an undergraduate degree in one or more academic disciplines (English, French, Spanish, mathematics, history or a social science, social studies, biology,  chemistry,  geology/earth science, physics) and seek a master’s degree and  NYS teaching certification to teach that subject in grades 7-12. Students who complete the degree are eligible for initial certification (see Teacher Certification for more information).

Program requirements

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs consist of a minimum of 44 graduate credits, with 28 credits in TLEL, 8 credits in the academic discipline, and 8 credits of supervised student teaching. Students complete core courses plus 165 clock-hours of fieldwork prior to student teaching. Student teaching is by admission only; students’ academic work must be satisfactory, and students must demonstrate positive dispositions for teaching in both academic courses and in fieldwork before being admitted to student teaching. Students must earn grades of B or better in both SEC 593 and SEC 594, and must maintain an overall average of B or better to graduate.

Culminating paper/project requirement

All MAT, end-of-program, discipline-specific SEC 594 courses require at least one teaching unit to be planned, implemented and evaluated in the concurrent supervised student teaching. These units are a required component for SEC 594 course grades and are also scored for CAEP purposes using a common, cross-program TLEL rubric. They also form the basis of more extensive analyses that are submitted as the students' edTPA units for grading by Pearson. Passing the edTPA is one of several required assessments for NYSED teaching certification.

Plan of study

The plan of study for each of the MAT programs provide students and advisors with a form to guide students through the requirements.

  1. English (MAT)
  2. French (MAT)
  3. Spanish (MAT)
  4. Mathematics (MAT)
  5. Mathematics (BA-MAT)
  6. Social Studies (MAT)
  7. Science:
    1. Biology (MAT)
    2. Biology (BA-MAT)
    3. Chemistry (MAT)
    4. Chemistry (BA-MAT)
    5. Earth Science (MAT)
    6. Earth Science (BA-MAT)
    7. Physics (MAT)
    8. Physics (BA-MAT)

Required courses


For questions about Binghamton University's Master of Arts in Teaching Adolescence Education programs, contact Tami Mann, director of recruitment, admissions and certification at or 607-777-5322.

For inquiries about field education requirements, contact Andrea Decker, director of field education, at or at 607-777-5208


To apply to this program, visit our Admissions page.

Last Updated: 6/4/18