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Tobacco Free Campus Initiative

Tobacco Use Assessment

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Take our tobacco-use survey!

As part of Binghamton University's broader health initiatives, the University is preparing to become tobacco free in August 2017, and is conducting a short survey to gather baseline information about tobacco use and attitudes about use. This information will help us to gauge the success of this health initiative and provide ideas about tobacco-cessation needs. The survey closed Saturday, Oct. 15.

Who will receive the survey?

A random sample of faculty, staff and students will receive the survey, in addition to all Physical Facilities and Sodexo employees. Approximately 7,700 individuals will be recruited to participate. Those not recruited will have the opportunity to participate by completing the survey that is available at the generic URL above and has been announced via University communication streams.

Why should I participate?

Responses help shape the focus of our improvement efforts and provide us with information that is not otherwise available to us. Those who complete the survey can be entered into a drawing for $25 Visa gift cards.

Will there be repercussions based upon how I respond?

Individual responses are confidential and used only to create aggregated responses. The confidentiality of responses is protected by federal laws that prohibit use of the information beyond basic statistical analysis. All identifiable information (e.g. e-mail address) is removed from the responses. 

What do you do with this information?

Aggregated responses are analyzed by an outside consultant who will provide the University with a full correlative analysis of the data. The report will be provided by December 31, 2016 and will be made available to the campus.



Last Updated: 10/24/16