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Tau Sigma National Honor Society FAQ

  1. What is Tau Sigma?

    Tau Sigma is an academic honor society designed specifically to recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students. Binghamton University established the Alpha Omega Chapter of Tau Sigma in 2007 and currently has about 48 members.
  2. What are the benefits of joining Tau Sigma?

    Tau Sigma provides its members with leadership and early involvement opportunities such as service projects. As a Tau Sigma member, you will become a part of a national network of motivated transfer students and enhance your reputation in the Binghamton University community.
  3. Who is eligible for membership in Tau Sigma?

    Full-time students who have achieved a 3.5 or greater GPA in their first term at Binghamton University after spending at least one year at another institution may be eligible for acceptance into Tau Sigma National Honor Society. Tau Sigma National Honor Society
  4. Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

    Transfer students at Binghamton University must have a GPA of at least 3.5 to be admitted to Tau Sigma. However, students become lifetime members upon induction. Although we hope our members will continually strive for academic excellence, there is no minimum GPA maintenance required to keep membership.
  5. Can I still join Tau Sigma if I am a member of another organization?

    You may join Tau Sigma even if you are a part of another organization.
  6. How can I become a Tau Sigma member?

    Eligible Binghamton University students will receive an invitation to join the Tau Sigma National Honor Society in the February following completion of their first term.
  7. Is there an induction ceremony for new members?

    The induction ceremony is a semi-formal event typically held in the spring semester. Students are encouraged, but not required, to attend the induction ceremony to become Tau Sigma members.
  8. How much are the dues for Tau Sigma members?

    The one-time Tau Sigma membership dues are currently $60.
  9. Are there any scholarship opportunities for Tau Sigma members?

    Each year, the Tau Sigma National Honor society provides a limited number of scholarships to its members nationwide ranging from $250 to $2,500.  We encourage our members to apply.
  10. What does the scholarship process entail?

    The Binghamton University Tau Sigma chapter will distribute an application to interested members via e-mail. One student will be nominated to represent our chapter as a scholarship contender. Applications from each school are then submitted and reviewed by the Tau Sigma Scholarship Review Committee (composed of advisors of five Tau Sigma chapters).
  11. When is the deadline for submitting a scholarship application?

    Applications are due to the National Committee by mid-November. Scholarships will be announced in December and awarded in January.
  12. What are the objectives of a Tau Sigma Chapter?

    • Address the current lack of recognition of outstanding academic achievement of transfer students
    • Provide motivation for the academic excellence of all incoming transfer students
    • Enhance the reputation of all transfer students
    • Provide a common bond among transfer students
    • Promote the involvement of transfer students in the college or university to which they transfer
    • Form a group of students who can help the college or university address and meet the needs of incoming transfer students

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Last Updated: 2/27/19