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Binghamton's Transfer Floors!

The Transfer Floors serve to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for students who are new to Binghamton University. Residents on the transfer floors are students who are attending their first year at Binghamton and range from all ages and grades. Resident Assistants live on the floors to assist students, offer their support, as well as host events to help transfers feel at home and well adjusted to Binghamton.

Cayuga Transfer Floor

The Cayuga Transfer Floor is located in Binghamton's College-in-the-Woods Community. The floor is co-ed with a mix of suites and corridor-style living. The floor is also home to a transfer student common room where many events are held throughout the year to provide an inclusive environment while promoting individual growth. Residents will also be able to participate in College-in-the-Woods events such as Woods Olympics and WoodsJam. 

Roosevelt Transfer Floor

Roosevelt Hall's transfer floor is located in Binghamton's Hinman Community. The floor is co-ed and entirely made up of 4- to 6-person suites. Hinman is a community filled with passionate students looking to participate in community service and actively encourage each other. They're known for their traditions and spirit, as well as their interest in service and leadership. The Hinman Community is also known to engage in friendly competition by participating in their annual traditions, Dorm Wars and Hysteria or take on roles within the Hinman Community's own theater company. 

Last Updated: 10/26/18