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Leadership Development Program

Core Competencies

Ten core leadership competencies have been identified as the framework for the LDP overall:

Communication — Listening and conveying information clearly

Ethics — Embracing ethical behavior in general and, specifically, adhering to Binghamton's core values, as well as applicable federal, state and system rules and requirements

Adaptability — Remaining flexible and effective in times of challenge and change

Conflict Management/Problem Solving — Identifying problems and solutions; settling disputes in an equitable manner

Valuing Diversity — Appreciating differences among all individuals

Building Relationships — Collaborating effectively and motivating others to accomplish the goals of the University

Organizational Awareness/Risk Management — Understanding the University's mission and functions and how to perform effectively; identifying and assessing exposure to risk within our system and determining how best to manage such situations

Team Building — Building trust with staff and other co-workers

Customer Service — Demonstrating respect, responsiveness and professionalism toward others, in accordance with Binghamton's reputation for excellence

Technical Skills — Job-specific and University-related, including financial/budget management, staff performance and evaluation, applicable union contracts

Last Updated: 6/5/20