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Program Components

Three interrelated components are at the heart of the training program: 

Interactive sessions — Topics and activities in the three half-day classroom sessions will include leadership theory, self-assessment exercises, practice exercises and improvement planning. Each session is designed to promote collaborative learning and development of professional networks.

We will focus the classroom presentations, discussion and exploration of developmental opportunities and resources on the following topics:

Individual LeadershipTransformational Leadership (influencing, motivating, etc.)Transactional LeadershipTeam Leadership (empowerment, coaching, decision making, etc.)Organizational Leadership (adaptability, judgment, integrity, etc.)Supervisory Responsibilities at Binghamton University (budget/financial management, labor relations, performance/evaluation programs, etc.)

Online modules — Supervisory responsibilities, including performance/evaluation programs, tenure and sabbaticals, and financial/budget management, will be addressed in a series of [how many? How long?] short online modules, supplementing the interactive/classroom component.

Mentoring — As a means of developing a strategic understanding of how leadership is practiced across a variety of settings and situations on campus, each participant will be assigned a mentor.

Last Updated: 6/5/20