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Participant Feedback

"I have implemented as much as possible from the program into my work with co-workers"

"My mentor is great! She's awesome. I've watched and Respected and this provided the perfect opportunity to sit and talk about her journey, how to approach challenges, etc"

"Susan was so inspiring! Kim and Shelley are fantastic at what they do!"

"I thought those presenting in our classes did an excellent job. I would be hard pressed to imagine someone or group doing better."

"Opportunity to connect with colleagues across campus. It's nice to be able to talk with others who are /have faced similar challenges to come up with problem solving ideas."

"I hate that it's only 3 sessions. I would love very regular meetings where as a group we could talk over situations and lean on each other,"

"The discussion on vulnerability really hit home. I forget how much fear of failure effects my and the staff behaviors."

"This will help me in my job by encouraging me to be more aware of and engaged with my student employees as three-dimensional individuals, not just shifts on a schedule or interchangeable parts of the "machine". Hopefully I can foster a better work environment for these students, and encourage them to be more engaged and invested."

"Hearing from others about positive improvements in their workplace gives me hope."

"[It inspires me] Knowing that other people have similar situations on campus and have been able to work through them successfully."

"My colleagues [inspired me], their stories, their optimism and willingness to take a risk, be open and share. If I get to work with colleagues like this, change, good change is possible."

Last Updated: 6/5/20