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Extending Clinical Partnerships & Meeting Local Needs - Research Assistant


The main focus of this project is understand the extent to which participating in the Substitute Teacher Program benefits teacher candidates in TLEL. We plan to use Sibme to record both participants and non-participants providing instruction. A trained graduate research assistant (GRA) will use local evaluation rubrics to assess impact on teaching effectiveness, preferably multiple times throughout the Spring 2019 semester. Since the observations will be recorded, faculty members can conduct checks of interrater reliability. Participant candidates, the GRA, and faculty members will be provided with access to Sibme for the semester. We anticipate this will encourage additional faculty members to take advantage of Sibme, which is currently only used consistently by one faculty member. Funding provided will permit evaluation of the perceived benefits of both Sibme and the Substitute Teacher Progam, as well as provide an opportunity to identify challenges to the sustainability of the program and to further strengthen clinical partnerships (1). A graduate research assistant (GRA) will conduct interviews with district and school-level administrators regarding the program, its usefulness to the district, and their perception of the candidate embedded in the district. The GRA will also conduct interviews with candidate participants and non-participants to gauge the extent to which the Substitute Teacher Program impacted engagement in local school communities and their knowledge of students.

Faculty Advisor: Loretta Mason-Williams

Academic Department: Teaching, Learning, & Educational Leadership


Classification: Paid

Position Availability:

  • Spring


  • Senior

Appropriate Major(s):

  • All Majors

Minimum GPA (if applicable): 3.22

Pre-requisite coursework/experience: Experience collecting and coding qualitative data preferred

Application Deadline: 2/1/2019

Application Procedure:

Interested individuals should email Loretta Mason-Williams. Please include a short description of your experience(s) working with qualitative data and why this project is of interest.

Last Updated: 12/12/18