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Department and Program Resources 

Use the links in the table below to review information about faculty, honors programs, and undergraduate research by department/program.

College of Community and Public Affairs (CCPA)

 Human Development About
Faculty  Research  

Decker School of Nursing

 Nursing About
Faculty  Research  

Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

 Africana Studies   About  Faculty  Honors  
 Anthropology   About  Faculty  Honors  Research
 Art and Design  About  Faculty  Honors  
 Art History   About  Faculty  Honors  
 Asian and Asian American Studies (AAAS)   About   Faculty  Honors  Research
 Biochemistry   About   Faculty   Honors  Research 
 Biology   About   Faculty   Research  
 Chemistry   About   Faculty   Honors  Research
 Cinema   About   Faculty   Honors  
 Classical and Near Eastern Studies   About   Faculty   
 Comparative Literature   About   Faculty   Honors  
 Economics   About   Faculty   Honors  
 English, General Literature and Rhetoric  About   Faculty   Honors  
 Environmental Studies  About   Faculty   Research  
 Geography  About   Faculty   Honors  Research
 Geological Sciences   About   Faculty   Honors  Research
 German and Russian Studies   About   Faculty     
 History   About   Faculty   Honors  
 Integrative Neuroscience   About   Faculty   Honors  
 Judaic Studies   About   Faculty   Honors  
 Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies  (LACAS)   About   Faculty   Honors  
 Linguistics   About   Faculty   Honors  
 Mathematical Sciences About  Faculty  Honors  Research
 Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CEMERS) About  Faculty   Honors  
 Middle East and North Africa Program  (MENA) About  Faculty     
 Music About  Faculty     
 Philosophy About Faculty  Honors  
 Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL) About Faculty  Honors  
 Physics About Faculty  Honors  Research
 Political Science  About  Faculty  Honors  
 Psychology  About  Faculty  Honors  Research
 Religious Studies  About  Faculty    
 Romance Languages  About   Faculty     
 Sociology  About  Faculty    
 Theatre  About   Faculty Honors  
 Translation Studies  About   Faculty    
 Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies  (WGSS)  About   Faculty    

School of Management

 Accounting, Finance, Management  About   Faculty    

Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

 Biomedical Engineering  About   Faculty Research  
 Computer Science  About   Faculty  Research   
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
 About   Faculty  Research   
 Mechanical Engineering  About   Faculty Research  
 Systems Science and Industrial Engineering  About  Faculty Research  

Last Updated: 7/26/18