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All Individuals conducting research must comply with University, State and Federal rules and regulations. One or more of the following may affect the successful completion of your planned research project. Be sure to check with a faculty member in your department/program for discipline-specific compliance policies and procedures.  Pay careful attention to all compliance requirements.  Please note that any compliance issue pertaining to your project must be addressed prior to conducting your research.   

Human Subjects Research

All research projects involving human subjects conducted by University faculty, staff and students or done under the sponsorship or auspices of the institution must be reviewed and approved by the Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRRC). This includes research involving subjects from outside the university and research which is not funded. For more information and to begin the approval process, click here.

Laboratory Animal Research

Individuals on campus who will work with live vertebrate animals for research, teaching, or training must receive training involving a health screening risk assessment by a qualified medical professional. For more information, click here.


For other compliance policies and procedures including Export Controls, Responsible Conduct, Binghamton University's Expectations on Research Data and Regulated Medical Waste-Guidelines for the Handling and Disposal, click here.


Your research may require the use of hazardous materials and expose you to unsafe conditions. Please note that you are responsible for the safety of yourself and others while conducting research. Below are resources which will aid you in learning how to practice safety in a lab or other research facility.  Be sure to check with a faculty member in your department/program for discipline-specific safety policies and procedures.

Lab Safety


Last Updated: 1/7/15