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Funding Your Research

There are many potential sources of financial support for undergraduate students conducting research and involved in creative activities.  Some opportunities are university-based and others are offered by external agencies. Use the links below to identify possible funding sources:

Undergraduate Researchers, Scholars and Artists

2017 Summer Scholars and Artists

Jieen Bae

Integrative Neuroscience

Project Title:  Lung-on-a Chip:  Analyzing Epigenetic Effects of PM2.5 on Human Lung Cells

Mentor:  Peter Huang, Mechanical Engineering  

Kara Bilello

English:  Creative Writing

Project Title:  Memoir on Living with Anorexia Nervosa

Mentor:  Leslie Heywood, English  

Gretchen Bogan

Anthropology & English

Project Title:  Waveland, MS:  A Novel

Mentor:  Barrett Bowlin, English  

Grace Clark

Individualized Major Program (IMP) and Philosophy

Project Title:  Capitalist Values and Approaches to Learning

Mentor:  Christopher Morgan-Knapp, Philosophy 

Dennis Dempsey


Laser Micromachining of Waveguides Using a Femtosecond Laser

Mentor:  Bonggu Shim, Physics 

William Frazer


Project Title:  Testing the Utility of Lipid-Based Sea Surface Temperature Proxies in Polar Regions throughout the Cenozoic

Mentor:  Molly Patterson, Environmental Studies & Geology 

Jessica Funnell

Biomedical Engineering

Project Title:  The Role of the Gut Microbiome After Nanoparticle Exposure to the Intestinal Epithelium

Mentor:  Gretchen Mahler, Biomedical Engineering 

Alec Gaspary

Biological Sciences

Project Title:  Mitochondrial Epistasis in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Mentor:  Heather Fiumera, Biological Sciences 

Jonathan Gelernter


Project Title:  The Adler Scrolls, A Novella

Mentor:  Shay Rabineau, Judaic Studies 

Margaret Girardi

English:  Creative Writing

Project Title:  A Collection of Creative Short Stories

Mentor:  Liz Rosenberg, English 

Heather Giza

Biochemistry and Studio Art

Project Title:  Study of pHLIP variants, D33N, D31N, D25N, D14N

Mentor:  Ming An, Chemistry 

Jared Jaeger


Project Title:  Salt and Invasions:  The Effect of Invasive Species and Salt on Further Invasions

Mentor:  Jessica Hua, Biological Sciences 

Sungjin Kim


Project Title:  Mechanistic Study of Suzuki Cross-coupling Reaction

Mentor:  Matthew Vetticatt, Chemistry 

YongHoon (Nathan) Kwon


Project Title:  Mathematical Formalization of the Divergent Autoencoder (DIVA) Artificial Neural Network

Mentor:  Kenneth Kurtz, Psychology 

Ching Long Leon Lam

History and Political Science

Project Title:  Ronald Reagan’s Cold War:  A Case Study of the American Invasion of Grenada

Mentor:  Wendy Wall, History 

Margaret Leisenheimer


Project Title:  Shakespeare & Company’s Summer Training Institute

Mentor:  Anne Brady, Theater 

Benjamin McLauchlin

Graphic Design and Environmental Studies

Project Title:  Interactive Environmental Art Exhibition

Mentor:  Frank Chang, Art & Design 

Timothy Morris

Environmental Studies and Geology

Project Title:  The Ecological Implications of Ants as a Seed-Dispersing Vector

Mentor:  Kirsten Prior, Biological Sciences 

Magdalena Palac

Integrative Neuroscience

Project Title: The Influence of the GABAA-R δ Subunit on the Premature Inhibition Caused By Adolescent General Anesthesia Exposure 

Mentor, David Werner, Integrative Neuroscience

Melissa Popeil


Project Title:  Engineering Metal Oxides:  The Future of Water Splitting

Mentor:  Louis Piper, Physics 

Abu Rahat

Integrative Neuroscience

Project Title:  Modeling ALS in C. elegans:  The Effects of trf-1 and traf-1 on Eliminating Protein Aggregates Under Oxidative Stress in the Brain

Mentor:  Howard Chang, Biological Sciences 

Zachary Ritter


Project Title:  “The Old Style” In a New Way:  Bringing Traditional Irish Singing Style to Contemporary Classical Composition

Mentor:  Daniel Davis, Music 

Rose Simon

BFA Design

Project Title:  Fine Art and Science of Glass

Mentor:  Gokhan Ersan, Art & Design 

Emily Spina

Philosophy, Politics & Law

Project title:  Gender, Sexual Violence, and International Law at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, (1994-2015):  An Incomplete Revolution

Mentor:  Jean Quataert, History

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2017 Provost's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Anne Taylor

Integrative Neuroscience

Mentor: Christopher Bishop

Carle Wirshba

Music and Integrative Neuroscience

Mentor: Daniel Thomas Davis

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