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Why Participate in Research?

Why become involved in undergraduate research or scholarly and creative activity beyond what is required for courses? You may be wondering what is in it for you. The Undergraduate Research Center strongly believes that undergraduate research, scholarship and creative work adds significant value to the college experience and that student learning is greatly enhanced through participation in these activities. Binghamton University students who have participated in these experiences agree.  Click here for testimonials from Binghamton's undergraduate researchers, scholars and artists regarding the impact of their work on their personal and professional development.

Faculty Video Series

Hear from faculty about how they incorporate undergraduates into their research, the value of participating in undergraduate research or creative activity, and how to get involved!

Ralph Garruto, Professor of Biomedical Anthropology

Research Interests: Neurodegenerative Disorders including Lyme Disease

Video courtesy of Binghamton University Office of Communications and Marketing

Christopher bishop, professor of psychology

Research Interests: Parkinson's Disease, Neuroplasticity, Drug Development

gretchen mahler, assistant professor of biomedical engineering

Research Interests: In vitro and in silico toxicology and pharmacology, microfluidic models of organs and tissues, endothelial and epithelial cell pathobiology


Elizabeth casteen, assistant professor of history

Research Interests: Medieval Europe, Gender, Cultural/Religious History





Last Updated: 10/16/17