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C.R.O.P. - Campus Research Opportunity Postings


C.R.O.P. benefits faculty, post-doctoral fellows and advanced graduate students seeking research assistance as well as undergraduates looking to gain hands-on research experience. The resource provides a central location for faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students to post information on opportunities for research, scholarly, or creative activity and for undergraduates to identify and apply for these positions.  Research opportunities may be paid, for credit (i.e. independent study), or volunteer.

Submitting an Opportunity

To submit an opening to the C.R.O.P. database, complete the form available HERE.  The opportunity will be posted within 1 business day after submission.  If you need any assistance, please contact Ashley Serbonich or Janice McDonald in the Undergraduate Research Center.

Current Opportunities

Students can review current listings here and apply as indicated in the opportunity posting.  This allows faculty, post-doctoral fellows and advanced graduate students to fill positions quickly after a need is identified and provides students with up-to-date information on openings.

Last Updated: 1/7/15