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Communicating the results of your research, scholarly or creative work is a critical phase of the research process. Presenting your findings requires you to place your research into context, to connect it with other works and to explore new and unanswered questions. Sharing your research also entails that you prioritize, meet deadlines and follow protocol. The process teaches you how to react to reviews-both negative and positive. (Content modified from the Council on Undergraduate Research)

There are a variety of platforms to share your research, scholarly or creative work both within and outside of the Binghamton University community. Whether you publish an article in a research journal, present at a professional conference or meeting, attend a research consortium, participate in a show or exhibition, or are involved with a performance, you will find many benefits to sharing your work with other professionals.

Academic Journals

The following journals welcome article submissions from undergraduate students:

-Alpenglow, Binghamton University Undergraduate Journal of Research and Creative Work
-Binghamton Journal of History
-Binghamton Journal of Philosophy
-Binghamton Writes: A Journal of First-Year Writing
-Brainwaves (Psychology) 
-Harpur Palate
-Journal of Undergraduate Anthropology
-Online Journal of Rural Nursing & Healthcare
-Reinvention: An International Journal of Undergraduate Research


Professional Conferences & Meetings

Professional conferences and meetings are sponsored by discipline-based and general professional organizations and are offered at all levels: local, state, national and international.

Click here for a list of conferences and meetings by department.

Public Presentations

Research may be presented to members of the local community at events or meetings.

-Binghamton University Mall Days

Research Consortia

Research consortia are events held at campuses or other large venues which showcase the work of several researchers simultaneously. Participants present their work to students, faculty and community members through posters or exhibits.

-Research Days at Binghamton University
-Posters on the Hill Washington, DC.


Undergraduate Researchers, Scholars and Artists

2017 Summer Scholars and Artists

Jieen Bae

Integrative Neuroscience

Project Title:  Lung-on-a Chip:  Analyzing Epigenetic Effects of PM2.5 on Human Lung Cells

Mentor:  Peter Huang, Mechanical Engineering  

Kara Bilello

English:  Creative Writing

Project Title:  Memoir on Living with Anorexia Nervosa

Mentor:  Leslie Heywood, English  

Gretchen Bogan

Anthropology & English

Project Title:  Waveland, MS:  A Novel

Mentor:  Barrett Bowlin, English  

Grace Clark

Individualized Major Program (IMP) and Philosophy

Project Title:  Capitalist Values and Approaches to Learning

Mentor:  Christopher Morgan-Knapp, Philosophy 

Dennis Dempsey


Laser Micromachining of Waveguides Using a Femtosecond Laser

Mentor:  Bonggu Shim, Physics 

William Frazer


Project Title:  Testing the Utility of Lipid-Based Sea Surface Temperature Proxies in Polar Regions throughout the Cenozoic

Mentor:  Molly Patterson, Environmental Studies & Geology 

Jessica Funnell

Biomedical Engineering

Project Title:  The Role of the Gut Microbiome After Nanoparticle Exposure to the Intestinal Epithelium

Mentor:  Gretchen Mahler, Biomedical Engineering 

Alec Gaspary

Biological Sciences

Project Title:  Mitochondrial Epistasis in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Mentor:  Heather Fiumera, Biological Sciences 

Jonathan Gelernter


Project Title:  The Adler Scrolls, A Novella

Mentor:  Shay Rabineau, Judaic Studies 

Margaret Girardi

English:  Creative Writing

Project Title:  A Collection of Creative Short Stories

Mentor:  Liz Rosenberg, English 

Heather Giza

Biochemistry and Studio Art

Project Title:  Study of pHLIP variants, D33N, D31N, D25N, D14N

Mentor:  Ming An, Chemistry 

Jared Jaeger


Project Title:  Salt and Invasions:  The Effect of Invasive Species and Salt on Further Invasions

Mentor:  Jessica Hua, Biological Sciences 

Sungjin Kim


Project Title:  Mechanistic Study of Suzuki Cross-coupling Reaction

Mentor:  Matthew Vetticatt, Chemistry 

YongHoon (Nathan) Kwon


Project Title:  Mathematical Formalization of the Divergent Autoencoder (DIVA) Artificial Neural Network

Mentor:  Kenneth Kurtz, Psychology 

Ching Long Leon Lam

History and Political Science

Project Title:  Ronald Reagan’s Cold War:  A Case Study of the American Invasion of Grenada

Mentor:  Wendy Wall, History 

Margaret Leisenheimer


Project Title:  Shakespeare & Company’s Summer Training Institute

Mentor:  Anne Brady, Theater 

Benjamin McLauchlin

Graphic Design and Environmental Studies

Project Title:  Interactive Environmental Art Exhibition

Mentor:  Frank Chang, Art & Design 

Timothy Morris

Environmental Studies and Geology

Project Title:  The Ecological Implications of Ants as a Seed-Dispersing Vector

Mentor:  Kirsten Prior, Biological Sciences 

Magdalena Palac

Integrative Neuroscience

Project Title: The Influence of the GABAA-R δ Subunit on the Premature Inhibition Caused By Adolescent General Anesthesia Exposure 

Mentor, David Werner, Integrative Neuroscience

Melissa Popeil


Project Title:  Engineering Metal Oxides:  The Future of Water Splitting

Mentor:  Louis Piper, Physics 

Abu Rahat

Integrative Neuroscience

Project Title:  Modeling ALS in C. elegans:  The Effects of trf-1 and traf-1 on Eliminating Protein Aggregates Under Oxidative Stress in the Brain

Mentor:  Howard Chang, Biological Sciences 

Zachary Ritter


Project Title:  “The Old Style” In a New Way:  Bringing Traditional Irish Singing Style to Contemporary Classical Composition

Mentor:  Daniel Davis, Music 

Rose Simon

BFA Design

Project Title:  Fine Art and Science of Glass

Mentor:  Gokhan Ersan, Art & Design 

Emily Spina

Philosophy, Politics & Law

Project title:  Gender, Sexual Violence, and International Law at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, (1994-2015):  An Incomplete Revolution

Mentor:  Jean Quataert, History

Click here to read about past recipients 

2017 Provost's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Anne Taylor

Integrative Neuroscience

Mentor: Christopher Bishop

Carle Wirshba

Music and Integrative Neuroscience

Mentor: Daniel Thomas Davis

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Last Updated: 2/8/19