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Frequently Asked Questions About the Union

How do I get a job at the University Union?

The University Union employs close to 140 student staff each year who play an important role in providing the services and amenities that support out-of-classroom student activities and experiences. Learn more >

How do I plan an event?

There are many resources on campus to help you plan an event.  Two main places are:

  1. Campus Activities
  2. Student Association

Where is Package Pick-up?

Package Pick-up is located at Campus Mail Services in the basement of the Union – UU-B55, directly below the MarketPlace. Directional signs are located on this level to direct students where to go. See website for information and window hours.

How do I reserve a meeting room in the Union?  Link to Room Reservations

S.A. chartered organizations, University recognized student & Greek groups, faculty, and staff are permitted to make reservations. Space can be requested by visiting the R25 website. Eligible individuals or groups can request an R25 account by emailing:                

How do I locate something in the Union?

University Union Map

How do I find out what's happening on campus?

Student organizations, University programs and academic offices promote their events in numerous locations:

Where do I find information on posting policies?

You can pick up a copy of the posting policy at the Union office at UUW-205, or you can view the posting policy.

Last Updated: 6/27/18