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R25 Reservation Instructions

1. Go to You will automatically be redirected to another web site (with a very long URL). Using the filters on the right side of the page, find the space you would like to reserve. Your screen should look something like this:

Step 1

2. The filter box on the right side of the grid (filters numbered 1 – 5) is where you find specific spaces available for reservation. For all University Union classrooms and conference rooms, use filter 4. For any rooms located in buildings other than the University Union, use filter 5.

3. Once you have chosen a filter you can begin looking at times when the rooms are available. To find out more information about a space you are interested in (seating capacity, technology capabilities) please click the room number on the left side of the screen. If the block of time you are looking for is covered in green, then the space is unavailable. If the space is white, then it is currently available. **Please note, just because a space is white does not mean you are guaranteed that space for that time. There may be other pending requests in the system ahead of you that have not been responded to which may lead to a denial for your request.

    • We try not to under-utilize rooms so if your group will fit in a smaller room, we will book a smaller room for you and keep the larger rooms available for larger groups. For example, if you are looking to request a meeting room for 10 people and choose a space that holds 70 people, we will move you to a smaller room like UU 121. It is important that you provide as much information as possible about your meetings and events so we can help find a space that will work for your needs.

4. Once a space has been selected, click on the white box for the space you would like to reserve. That will bring you to the page below where you can login.

Step 4

    • You have the option to change the password you were originally assigned. If you ever forget your password, you'll need to send an email to to have it reset. In the R25 system, both username and password are case sensitive. Make sure everything is entered in lower case or you will not be able to log in. Also, once you log into your account, your password might be "saved" when you return to this page in the future. The saved password is not correct. Always type in your password and don't use the saved password function. If you have any trouble using the site, retype the address in the address field. Sometimes bookmarks become outdated and then the system won't let you in.
    • There are areas in bold which you may access. Clicking on the Union Reservation Guidelines will take you to a page that explains all existing rules. The two bolded links on the bottom of the page will direct you to videos that walk you through the process of reserving a room, and reserving a "table" in the Tillman Lobby or Food Court. Clicking on the word "link" will take you to videos of each reservation procedure.

5. Once you log in, you will be taken to a form that looks like the picture below. Please make sure to fill in all of the areas in red.

Step 5

6. If you wish to have an event that happens on multiple dates, you can make that selection in the second section of the request.

    • If you would like to choose a few specific dates (2 different days in a week, 4 random days in a semester, etc.), you must select the Ad Hoc choice. The first date of the event will be the original date you chose and to add additional dates, you must select the sale using the boxes directly to the right of the Ad Hoc selection circle. Once you have the date you like, click enter and it will be added to the small box below.
    • If you would like a request to be held for 4 days straight, you would choose the Daily selection. To have the event repeat every 1 days until the last date, which can be selected in a drop down box or you could specify for how many repetitions.
    • To have a weekly occurring event you would chose the Weekly selection circle and choose how often you would like the event to happen in a given week, and for how many weeks the event would occur. For example, if you would like to have an event to occur every week on a Monday and Friday for 5 weeks, you would select to have the event repeat every 1 week(s), check the box for Monday and Friday, and have the event for 5 repetitions. You can also select the last Friday you would like to have the event on and the requests will repeat until that date.

7. After selecting your date and time, you must specify a space. It is critical that this information is typed in correctly if you choose to type it in instead of choosing from the drop down box.

Step 7

    • Any space that is able to be reserved can be found in the drop down box for "Specific Space." Selecting an option from that box while the selection circle is also selected guarantees that the reservationist will see the room you requested.
    • If you would like any space in a specific area, a room for 10 people in the University Union, you would first need to write in your reservation that your request is for 10 people, and then you can select the second option under space preferences "Any Space In" and you would choose filter 4. If you select this option, we will be determining the space your event will be held in.
    • Choose the "Other" option can cause issues. If you do not type in the space you chose EXACTLY as it shows on the R25 website, when we receive your request, it will show that no space has been requested and we will deny your request. If you were looking to request UU 102 and typed it in as uu102, it will show as a blank request to us. Capitalization does not matter. If you type in uu 102 or UU 102, it will still show up in our system.
    • Please note. If you are submitting multiple requests, you must make sure you request a space each time. If you submit a request with a space correctly and then click to submit another request once you are finished, your previous space request will no long be present in the space preference area.

8. At the end of the page is the description box. Please put as much information into this box as possible. This will prevent the reservationist from having to deny events that have a lack of information, or prevent from having the reservationist contact you about the request, which could cause a delay and potentially allow someone else to reserve a space that you could have reserved. Any events involving specific set ups, food, sales, tabling, any other special requests or accommodations should leave a detailed description in the box.

Step 8

9. The last step is the event submission page below. Please review all of the information on the page before pressing submit. You can go back and edit any information that is incorrect before submitting. Once you press submit, you can no longer edit or change the request. You must email the reservationist at to make any changes. Please do not submit additional requests if you made an error on your original request.

Step 9

10. When you submit your request, you will see the picture below. You can then click the button at the bottom to request another event.

Step 10
The reservationist will receive your request and process it for you. When your request has been processed you will receive a confirmation. Requests are received and processed Monday through Friday during business hours. Please allow 2-3 business days for a request to be processed. Be sure to read your confirmation thoroughly to make sure all the information is received by our office.

The only way to cancel or modify a reservation is to send an email to You cannot cancel or modify any request via the webviewer once it has been submitted. Any other questions can be sent to

Last Updated: 8/7/17