Formula Internal Combustion Vehicle

SAE Formula Internal Combustion Vehicle

The Binghamton Motorsports Formula SAE team is the collegiate racing team that falls under the Binghamton University chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Our objective each year is to create an in-house, competitive formula internal combustion engine vehicle that meets the requirements and technical specifications outlined by SAE International.

As a student-run, multidisciplinary racing team, students from a range of backgrounds further their understanding of the automotive industry by applying their academic knowledge towards creative problem solving.

By creating an efficient and high-performance vehicle, we gain exposure to teamwork, leadership, and logistical skills that empower our young professionals to seek careers within this industry. We are continuing to build upon our inaugural success by improving the design and performance each year. The team serves as a meaningful experience to help Binghamton students mature and apply new skills.

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Frame Team

The frame and ergonomics team is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the steel tube chassis and the vehicle’s various ergonomic components. This includes the headrest, firewall, seat, and the mounting/integration of other subsystems. This year, the frame team will make improvements to the driving position for better comfort and visibility.

Powertrain Team

The powertrain team takes care of everything involved with making sure the engine can supply power for the vehicle. This includes the air intake, exhaust manifold, radiator, fuel system, and several smaller components. As a new challenge this year, the powertrain team will be using a standalone ECU for better fuel management and efficiency.

Drivetrain Team

The drivetrain team is responsible for designing the system that transfers the engine’s power to the rear wheels, the car’s braking system and for the driver’s pedals and connections. Our goals for this year’s car include a new differential integration and chain tensioning mechanism design that allows for easier adjustment, a lighter driver pedal box for position movement, and a smaller sprocket design for better accelerations and compatibility with the new smaller wheels.

Suspension Team

The suspension team is responsible for designing and building the steering, suspension and wheel systems. This includes the design of uprights, hubs, A-arms, and steering linkages. The team alsocalculates forces throughout the car to determine shock and wheel components.

Electronics Team

The electronics team powers the system that connects all of the car’s electrical elements. This includes wiring, sensors and dashboard indicators that keep the driver informed and aware of the car’s performance and status during operation. As a new challenge this year, the electronics team will be experimenting with a number of sensors that will allow them to collect and analyze data on performance to optimize suspension and engine-tuning.

Aero/Bodywork Team

Our newest subteam will be responsible for the design and construction of all
bodywork and aerodynamic components for the vehicle. This includes the design of wings and undertray elements that will add downforce. Team members will also get the opportunity to work with advanced composites like carbon fiber, which has many uses in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Finance/Marketing Team

The finance and marketing team is responsible for managing the budget used to create the vehicle and growing the Binghamton Motorsports brand. This includes assigning subteam budgets, purchase processing, implementing marketing initiatives and maintaining sponsor relationships.

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