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Watson School Clubs and Organizations

A good way to add leadership, community service, and teamwork to your resume is to join a Watson club or organization. 

Watson Distance Mentoring Program

The Watson Distance Mentoring Program helps students take charge of their engineering and applied sciences education and future careers. The Watson mentoring program is one of the ways we connect undergraduates with alumni for a one-on-one virtual mentoring experience. Our Watson alumni have valuable experiences and industry connections that can help you in many ways, and you might even gain a lifelong mentor! Our mentoring program is a great way to connect with alumni in your field and get valuable advice about how to succeed during and after your time at Binghamton University

Our mentoring program will be rolling out to all current Watson students and alumni in Spring 2019. To join this program and connect with an alumnus, students must attend a brief orientation. RSVP for an orientation session on hireBING and start connecting!

Spring 2019 Orientation Sessions (All sessions held in Academic A 113 Conference Room):

Competitions and Scholarships

The Horizons Fellowship

  • The Horizons Fellowship supports 200 outstanding university students on a fully-funded experience in San Francisco, in their pursuit to become leaders in technology. Our programs provide immersive software engineering and web/mobile development courses geared towards high-achieving college students. Students need not have a computer science background!
  • Horizons students have gone on to receive offers from firms such as Google, Slack, Yelp, Amazon, BCG, Visa, J.P. Morgan, and more
  • Past Horizonites have come from a variety of schools and backgrounds. Applicants have hailed from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UPenn/Wharton, Columbia, Northwestern, Brown, Michigan and more.
  • Interested students can start an application here!

Innovation Scholars Program: This is a new program aimed at attracting students interested in creative thinking and innovation. The Innovation Scholars will be:

  • Learning team-based approaches to real-world problems
  • Tackling projects that span societal and scientific issues
  • We will recruit from a broad range including students from arts, engineering, CS, humanities, management, social sciences and sciences
  • We will engage thought leaders and mentors from industry, government, and academia
  • Prepared for today's high-demand professions
  • Develop next-gen innovators and entrepreneurs
  • The program is based on a weekly zero-credit seminar workshop; to apply, send your resume to:

Development Opportunities

  • Citi Freshman Discovery Diversity Program-May 2019- Apply here!
    • An introductory experience focused on helping freshmen of diverse backgrounds understand financial services, gain technical skills and kickoff the career planning process.
    • Designed for undergraduate Freshmen who self-identify as Black, Hispanic and/or Women
    • Two day immersive onsite experience at Citi HQ in NYC late May
    • Learn technical and soft skills and accelerate your career development Potential opportunity to interview early for our best-in-class Sophomore Leadership Program
    • Ideal Candidate Qualifications: Freshmen currently enrolled in four-year Baccalaureate Degree program from an accredited institution
    • Expected graduation Winter 2021 - Spring 2022
    • Open to all disciplines and majors!
  • PLI | Patent Office Exam Course: If you have a degree in engineering you can take the Patent Office Registration Exam to become a Patent Agent. PLI (Practicing Law Institute) offers a course to aid in the preparation for taking this exam. For more information, please see: or