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The Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science



2016 Graduating Senior Placement Data

Watson Overall , Biomedical Engineering , Computer Engineering , Computer Science , Electrical Engineering , Mechanical Engineering , Systems Science Industrial Engineering 

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Biomedical Engineering



Lauren Keleman

Lauren Keleman
Class Year: Senior
Major: Industrial and systems engineering
Job after graduation: Disney
Check out Lauren's 2018 Commencement Profile Here!
Alexander van roijen

Alexander Van Roijen

Class Year: Senior

Major: Computer Science and Math

Post-Grad Plans: MS in data science at the University of Washington, Seattle

Check out Alexander's 2018 Commencement Profile Here! 



Nupur Pravin UttarwarNupur Pravin Uttarwar

Class Year: Masters

Major: Electrical Engineering

Internship: Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon

She is a Graduate Technical Intern working in Data Center Group where, "we develop device drivers for Intel's high speed Networking devices."


Swapnil BhoiteSwapnil selfie

Class Year: Masters

MajorComputer Science

Internship: CBS Interactive in San Francisco

Meet Swapnil Bhoite '16, a computer science masters grad who is now an intern with CBS Interactive in San Francisco. He is a masters mobile software engineer Intern this summer working on the Android application: CBS All Access.


Minjun KimMinjun Kim

Class Year: PhD

Major: Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Internship: Pypestream

Meet Minjun Kim, a PhD candidate in systems science and industrial engineering. As an artificial intelligence intern at Pypestream in New York, he is working on an Al messaging system


Priyanka Desaipriyankadesai

Class Year: Masters

Major: Computer Science

Internship: Amazon

This summer I interned at Amazon, in Sunnyvale, CA. I was part of the fireTV team and I independently worked on creating web app template for Amazon fire tablets.


Shwetank Rana and Arindam Das

Class Year: Masters

Major: Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Internship: Charge CCCV LLC

We are doing our Intern/Coop at Charge CCCV LLC, a Lithium Ion battery technology startup at the ITC in Binghamton. Here we are developing and analyzing automated manufacturing tracking systems for the manufacturing process of Lithium Ion batteries.


Atdhetare Ame

Class Year: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Internship: GE Aviation

Mechanical Systems Engineering: Work on various projects with the TF/TJ Mechanical Systems and Structures team pertaining to the lubrication system, bearing design, and gear and spline design for turbofans and turbojets.


Tara Dulak and Lauren Cody

Class Year: Rising Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Internship: Con Edison Steam Power Plant

Interns at Con Edison Steam Power Plant, standing in front of the 74th street main. They are both rising ME seniors in Watson and summer interns for Con Ed. Lauren works at the steam plant  in Manhattan and Tara works for electric ops in Westchester.


Erik Langert

Class Year: Masters

Major: Computer Science

Internship: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Meet Erik Langert who interned at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Machine Learning and Instrument Autonomy group. He worked on the Orbiting Carbon Observatory satellite as the Data Scientist.


Ryan McCormick

Class Year: Rising Junior

Major: Computer Science

Internship: Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Ryan McCormick who did basic research for the Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He wrote code and analyzed to gain better understanding of the company's performance.


Evan Margolis

Class Year: Rising Senior

Major: Electrical Engineer

Internship: PSEG

Meet Evan Margolis, who recently completed a summer engineering internship at PSEG on Long Island. PSEG is one of America's leading power utilities!


Nitish Mehta

Class Year: Masters

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineer

Internship: Qardio

As a software engineer he develops, tests, optimizes, and upgrades embedded softwares for the current product line of the smart weighing scale.




Andrew Muscarella

Andrew Muscarella

Class Year: 2017

Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering 

Internship: at Arista Air

"In addition to working in the office overlooking MEC spec books and assisting in bidding on HVAC jobs, I will also be visiting job sites and getting first-hand knowledge of commercial and residential projects."



Christopher FerreiraChristopher Ferreira

Class Year: 2017

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Internship: Northwestern University's IMSERC facility (Integrated Molecular Structure Education and Research Center) in the IIN (International Institute of Nanotechnology):

"My role is to work with a biomedical research group on the mass spectrometry of mega-molecules for the precise biophysical characterization of large molecules such as antibodies and proteins, which are being developed for a variety of therapeutics." 

Jerry CimoJerry Cimo

Class Year: 2017

Major: Computer Science

Internship: IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY

He is working in z Systems Firmware development working on the global automations squad. Pictured here is a model z13 mainframe.



Erik Langert

Erik Langert

Class Year: 2017

Major: Comp Science/Math

Internship: NASA

Currently working on one of the Mars portable shelters. It's a portable shelter designed to protect astronauts, machines, and other assets from harsh conditions on Mars.

"I'm working in the Durability, Damage Tolerance, and Reliability within the Materials Research Laboratory. I'm on a subgroup of a project called 'Digital Twin', which aims to monitor the structural health of flight vehicles (whether it be rockets, fighter jets, or space modules) and diagnose damage in real-time (if you've ever seen Star Wars, this is basically what R2-D2 does at a software level)."

"In order to prove it works at a vehicle level, we have to prove it works at a component level (such as a piece of metal or screws on the vehicles). I currently writing code to simulate that."


Kamrooz Parchamazad Kamrooz Parchamazad

Class Year: PhD Candidate 

Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering 

Internship: NASA's Langley Research Center

"I am system analysis engineer intern in the Vehicle Analysis Branch (VAB) of Systems Analysis & Concepts Directorate (SACD) at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and I work on system analysis of Mars Momentum Exchange Tether Transporter system."


Hao ZhangHao Zhang

Class Year: PhD Candidate

Major: Electrical Engineering Researcher

Internship: Glottal Enterprises Inc.

"This company develops medical equipment for speech disorders. Speech processing is my PhD research, so here I get to apply academic knowledge to industry. I am improving the software which works with medical devices."




Justin Bopp

Class Year: 2017Justin Bopp

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Internship:  U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Engineering Research and Development in the PHSMA division

"I have learned a great deal about federal permit approvals, specifically cylinder and pressure vessel applications. I've been able to work with seasoned engineers with PhD's, and have learned a lot about what the U.S. government does every day to keep people safe. Any commercial business who transports hazardous materials has to comply with the federal regulations which are developed in our office. My favorite part of the internship so far is the interactions. Everyone in the department is approachable and willing to pass their knowledge and experience on. Professionalism is being polite and making an effort to work efficiently."

Jack BeidermanJack Beiderman

Class Year: 2018

Major: Electrical Engineering

Internship: Syska Hennessy Group

"I am working in the commissioning department where we work for clients testing electrical/mechanical systems to verify they are performing as specified by the client. I spend most of my time in the office assisting my co-workers with functional and pre-functional test scripts. I occasionally go out into the field to construction sites and help commission units such as CRACs (computer room air conditions) and UPS (uninterruptible power systems). I am learning a lot from the experts around me by asking lots of questions."

Sam StoneSam Stone

Class year: 2019

Major: Electrical Engineering

Internship: Tessy Plastics, Research and Development

"I spend my time researching new technologies and techniques and using that knowledge to develop new consumer and medical products. I hope to see my designs in retailers and hospitals in the future."

Lauren Nardacci and Charlie Scheftic Lauren and Charlie at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Class year: 2017

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Internship: Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb, a biopharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures drugs to treat a variety of diseases.  Both were interns there this summer and Lauren was in the Manufacturing Science and Technology Upstream department conducting laboratory experiments. Charlie was in the Facilities and Engineering department working as a Project Manager!

Last Updated: 5/14/18