Study Abroad with The Watson School

Learn how you can obtain experiences needed to broaden your horizons and gain a competitive edge in today's global economy.

For more information about non-engineering course work abroad go to the Office of International Programs (OIP), the OIP's Study Abroad page, or options through other SUNY campuses.

Single Semester Options

Kaist – Daejon, South Korea

  • Exchange option through Binghamton
  • Top ranked university in Asia, with English courses
  • Best for second semester ME students

Nanyang Tech – Singapore

  • Exchange option through Stony Brook
  • Engineering courses at English speaking university
  • Best for second semester ME students

Full Academic Year Options

Engineering students can also choose to spend an academic year abroad in addition to their four years at Binghamton.

Through Binghamton University

Through University of Albany

  • UAS7 – Various locations in Germany (Including Munich, Bremen, Hamburg, and others!)

Students going for a year to Germany as part of UAS7 can participate in the Study and Internship program. This option includes spending one semester in classes and then the next in a compensated research internship position. Students can choose from the 7 universities part of the UAS7 consortium to complete their studies and finish their internship.

Search for options through other SUNY campuses

Summer Options

STEM Tour in Germany TEM  - Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden

  • Faculty-Led Program through Binghamton
  • 3 ISE credits, ten days in Germany

Bosphorus University - Istanbul, Turkey

  • International Summer School with students from all over the world, offered through Binghamton
  • All courses taught in English
  • 7 weeks, with options to take 3-6 credits. Many engineering courses available including Differential Equations, Thermodynamics, and more

Engineering Study - Troyes, France 

  • Faculty-Led Program through University of Buffalo
  • 4 weeks, 6 credits (3 for Statics and 3 for World Civilization course)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Hong Kong

  • International Summer School with students from all over the world, offered through Stony Brook
  • 8 weeks during the summer, variety of coursework including engineering related classes
  • All courses taught in English

Options for Computer Science Students

Due to the nature and availability of the coursework required for a computer science degree, talk with your academic adviser about how to fit a semester abroad into your schedule. 

Study Abroad Check List

Choosing a Program 

  • Read through the Office of International Programs FAQs  to learn more about financial aid for study abroad, grade transfers from courses abroad, etc.
  • Meet with study abroad engineering adviser Nicole Humphrey.


Most study abroad applications are done electronically through a “Apply Now” button on the electronic brochure for that program. Some items you may need for your application:

  • Statement of Purpose (“Why I Want to Study Abroad…”)
  • Two academic recommendations (can be sent electronically from the application)
  • Transcripts sent via BU Brain

Once your application is complete, the study abroad adviser for the program will review your application and let you know about your status, either accepted or nominated.

After you’ve been accepted/nominated/committed:

  • Complete  post-decision items which are required for your program
  • Pay program deposit 
  • Speak with academic adviser about taking engineering coursework, bring syllabi

Financial Aid/Scholarship

  • Review cost sheet
  • Check with financial aid office to determine if any part of your financial aid package will transfer
  • Make a realistic budget.
  • Apply for available scholarships
  • Make arrangements for payment for your program expenses. 

After your return

Complete program evaluation to have transcripts processed.