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The Mission of Campus-Wide Writing Support Services and Faculty Outreach

The mission of the Writing Initiative's Campus-Wide Writing Support and Faculty Outreach is to facilitate Binghamton University's commitment to writing as an important part of disciplinary learning and the development of critical thinking. Campus-Wide Writing Support and Faculty Outreach staff provide a variety of resources and supports services to faculty members and departments that include

  • One-on-one consultations with faculty
  • Class visits and demonstrations
  • Collaborations with departments
  • Training workshops for faculty and Teaching Assistants
  • Resources on topics related to teaching writing, such as responding to and evaluating student writing and creating assignments
  • Speakers and other events


Consultations: The Coordinator of Campus-Wide Writing Support Services and Faculty Outreach is available to meet with individual faculty members who want to explore new approaches to writing in their classes.

Departmental Collaborations: Staff is available to work closely with departments address the unique goals of the department, such as instructional material and training for TAs who teach C/W courses.

Classroom Demonstrations: Staff can demonstrate techniques faculty members would like to try with their students. Past demonstrations include using small group activities, developing paper topics, composing thesis statements and using instructor comments to revise.

Resources: Campus Wide Writing Support Services and Faculty Outreach Staff continually search for resources to support faculty, such as sample syllabuses and assignments, articles, and activities.

Workshops and Events: Workshops are offered to the campus on a variety of teaching topics. Past workshops include Designing and Re-Designing Writing Assignments and Using Checklists to Make Assignment Expectations Clear.

How I Write Series: The Writing Initiative also hosts faculty  members who discuss their work processes, careers and inspirations. Past speakers include Professor Leigh Ann Wheeler (History), Professor Bat-Ami Bar-On (Philosophy), Professor Susannah Gal (Biological Sciences) and Professor Andreas Duus Pape (Economics)

For More Information or to Arrange a Consultation

Robert Danberg, Phd
Coordinator, Campus-Wide Writing Support

Last Updated: 8/10/16