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First-Year Writing

Awarded the 2011 Conference on College Composition and Communication's Writing Program Certificate of Excellence

Committed to providing highly motivated students an outstanding education grounded in the liberal arts, First-Year Writing is a central component of the Binghamton University Writing Initiative. Our mission is to foster the academic and civic literacies essential for success at the university and beyond.

We offer students rigorous courses that meet a range of educational goals and faculty and graduate assistants an intensive mentoring program that supports state-of-the-art instruction.

For more on our sequence of first-year writing courses, see our links to the left. For additional information about our program and the founding of the Writing Initiative, read "Back to the Future: First-Year Writing in the Binghamton University Writing Initiative" in Composition Forum 21, or contact Sean Fenty, Director, Writing Initiative.

Writing: Features: Profile-Lachman Henry Lachman

Henry is a junior majoring in English and Economics. When taking a break from trying to obtain money, he's watching soccer or writing fiction. He is from New York City and this is his second semester in the Writing Center. Henry plans to move to Switzerland one day.

Last Updated: 1/26/18