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Writing 100: Academic Writing Workshop

Course Description and Learning Objectives
WRIT 100: The Academic Writing Workshop is a one-credit supplemental course designed to support students as they become familiar with the conventions of college writing. The goal of this workshop is to give students additional support in and feedback on their writing, as well as a structured environment to work on WRIT 111 assignments.

Course Structure
Each WRIT 100 session consists of a seventy-five minute workshop in which an experienced Tutor-Teacher meets with no more than five students. These student-centered studio-sessions are held in computer labs, where students receive mentored help while working on assignments for Writing 111. During each weekly meeting, students conference with the Tutor-Teacher about their writing and spend time on computers drafting and revising WRIT 111 assignments. 

Attendance Policy and Grading Guidelines
Performance in the Academic Writing Workshop is evaluated according to active participation and consistent attendance. Students who arrive fully prepared to every session can expect to receive an "A" in WRIT 100. Those who miss or come under-prepared will find their final grades adjusted accordingly. To receive a grade of "C" or better in WRIT 100, students may miss no more than two sessions per semester. While the grade in WRIT 100 has no formal bearing on the grade in WRIT 111, the increased support should positively influence performance in WRIT 111.

To be considered "Fully prepared," students need to arrive on time and ready to work. Students should bring all materials necessary to continue work on the draft in progress (notes, electronic copy saved to flash drive, texts, Professional Tutor/peer/tutor comments, etc.) including questions for the WRIT 100 Tutor-Teacher and a tentative plan for how they plan to spend the workshop time.

WRIT 100 sessions are designated for discussion, drafting, and revising of WRIT 111 writing assignments only. Viewing or engaging in recreational websites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is not tolerated. After one warning, such noncompliance counts as an absence.


Further assistance

The Binghamton University Writing Center is a place where students can find competent, friendly, individual, and free help in improving their writing. The Writing Center is open to all Binghamton students. However, since the purpose of the Writing Center is to help students learn to write well, the tutors do not edit, proofread, or correct papers, but they do help students learn to identify and correct their own errors. The Writing Center is located at LN 2412.

Last Updated: 8/10/16