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Writing 101 asks students to think, write, and read more critically, in order to become stronger critics of their own and other's writing, which enables greater engagement with the process of revision. This writing intensive course emphasizes critical thinking and composition – from invention to revising for focus, development, and organization, including developing an active style and voice. Students spend time exploring independent thinking through intensive workshopping in class while class discussions provide them with concepts they are expected to apply to their writing. Assignments ask  students to comment, analyze, and reflect on writing and on how the writing of others is structured.

Writing 101 is part of Binghamton University's Equal Opportunity Program's (EOP) summer bridge, in which the difference between high school and college forms of writing are emphasized through assignments that enable students to broaden their notions of genres. Students are encouraged to go beneath the surface of textual representation, to speculate not only on what these texts say, but also how they are put together, and to locate assumptions, beliefs, and values at work in various genres and writers. In short, this course encourages students to become more critical thinkers and stronger communicators.


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Last Updated: 10/30/17