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WRITING 111: Research and Writing (Rhetorically)

WRIT 111 Research and Writing (Rhetorically) asks students to write in different genres for a range of audiences, engage in intensive revision, and practice critical thinking through researched argumentation. Laying a general foundation for writing in the university and beyond, the course maintains a significant emphasis on scholarly research, including how to formulate appropriate research questions; how to find, evaluate, and integrate a range of credible and scholarly sources; and how to add one's perspectives to an ongoing conversation.

By focusing on contemporary social issues important in the civic sphere, WRIT 111 is also in keeping with one of writing and rhetoric studies' most time-honored traditions: that is, to nurture in writers an active engagement in the most pressing matters of our time.

For additional information, review the WRIT 111 syllabus, or contact Sean Fenty, Director of the Writing Initiative.

Committed to providing highly motivated students an outstanding education grounded in the liberal arts, First-Year Writing is a central component of the Binghamton University Writing Initiative. Our mission is to foster the academic and civic literacies essential for success at the university and beyond!


Jonathan is a sophomore majoring in Cell Molecular Biology who plans to attend medical school after graduation. He enjoys writing fiction, surfing the internet, playing the piano, and mixing music and he loves to watch movies. One day he hopes to publish the novel that he is currently working on.

Last Updated: 10/9/17