Get up, get moving and stay healthy with the Steps to B-Healthy walking program

Healthier students, faculty and staff members mean a healthier University.

Register and log your steps

We are using the online American Heart Association's Activity Tracker. Join the Binghamton University group and receive rewards for your dedication and progress.

Sign up

  • Go to: and click on Register
  • Your Binghamton e-mail address will be your unique identifier
  • Under "Company" choose "search for company" to find Binghamton University
  • Complete your personal information. (*Please note – health information is NOT viewable by anyone but the user. It is used in the algorithms to convert personal activity into measurements in the tracker.)
  • You must check the box to allow Steps program coordinators to see your activities in order to be eligible for rewards
  • Submit

You should receive e-mail confirmation of your username and password from You can then re-login.

Track your activity

  • Once logged in, click on Activity Diary menu tab
  • Complete information on left hand side: select activity type, intensity and date
  • You may enter as many activities per day as you want
  • Click save activity. You should now see it show in the blue box to the right.
  • For walking/running activity – enter either total steps (from your pedometer) or enter miles covered. Program will automatically covert miles into steps. Walking/running step counts will be used for determining rewards, not total activity steps.

Feel free to also use the "Create a New Path" to add a walking path to the online database, get help designing a walking plan using the "Walking Plans" option, or try the Nutrition Diary function to track your daily food intake! It's simple and fast to get your personal fitness plan started today!

Each month, our staff will monitor the progress of all walkers. Reach the monthly goal and we'll send you rewards and helpful tips and tricks to stay motivated.

Are you ready for physical activity?

The following information is for your own benefit and safety.

Physical activity is fun, healthy, and safe for most individuals, however, if you are new to exercise or seldom participate in any physical activity, it is important to determine whether you should seek consultation by a physician before increasing your physical activity. Below are questions from the PAR-Q — a questionnaire designed to determine physical activity readiness for people ages 15-69. If you are older than 69 years old and not physically active, talk to your physician before you start exercising.

PAR-Q: Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

  1. Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?
  2. Do you feel pain in your chest when you do physical activity?
  3. In the past month, have you had chest pain when you were not doing physical activity?
  4. Do you lose your balance because of dizziness or do you ever lose consciousness?
  5. Do you have a bone or joint problem (for example, back, knee or hip) that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity?
  6. Is your doctor currently prescribing drugs (for example, water pills) for your blood pressure or heart condition?
  7. Do you know of any other reason why you should not do physical activity?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, it is important to talk with your physician before you become more physically active. If you answered no to all of them, it is likely you are ready to safely begin your exercise regimen.

Source: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Goals and prizes

Participants can track daily step counts by using a pedometer*, activity tracker (i.e. Jawbone, Fitbit) or by converting mileage into steps. There are also a number of good apps available for your smart phone to help with counting steps.

*Upon registering for Steps to B-Healthy, participants will receive a program pedometer.

In order to be eligible for rewards, participants must log their walking/running steps on the American Heart Association Activity Tracker.

Please note: only walking and running steps will count for rewards, although participants can log as many other activities as they wish.

There will be twelve monthly contests — some will be personal challenges, others will be a team challenge. To be eligible for monthly rewards, all steps must be logged by the last day of the month. Individual awards will be confirmed via e-mail and mailed to on-campus addresses. Other contest winners will be notified via e-mail.

2015 monthly contests


250,000 steps during the month (average 8,000/day) and receive a free prize from Campus Recreation.

During the month of January, 178 "steps to B-Healthy" participants walked 4,954,902 steps, about the equivalent of 2,477 miles.  At least we aren't frozen in our TrackS!  We had 11 walkers meet the 250,000 step goal.  Top walkers this month were: Barbara LeVonne - 666,993, Rose Hassett - 486,808 and Erin Moore - 384,365.


300,000 steps during the month (average 9,675/day) and be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card from the Binghamton University Bookstore by Barnes & Noble.

During the month of February, 180 "steps to B-Healthy" participants walked 4,211,404 steps, about the equivalent of 2,106 miles.  This is fantastic given the fact that the average temperature during February was 12.2 degrees! top walkers of the month were: Barbara LeVonne - 573,786, Rose Hassett - 521,803 and Erin Moore - 363,934.
The February $100 gift card winner was Pamela Marten in Health & Counseling Services!


The team/department with the highest per person average number of steps for the month will earn a catered "Meeting Morsels" event from Binghamton University Dining Services by Sodexo.

During the month of March, 185 "Steps to B-Healthy" participants walked 4,477,025 steps, about the equivalent of 2,612 miles.
It's been a long winter! But finally, it's getting easier to motivate. Get out – breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of campus as it emerges from winter hibernation.
Congratulations to Sharon O'Neill, Residential Life (394,356) and Barbara Scarlett, President's Office (370,009) who had the highest straight up walking steps this month. You must have been bundled up!
March was a team contest for the Sodexo sponsored "Meeting Morsels".
Congratulations to the Athletics Department for scoring the highest average number steps this month at 350,000. Go Bearcats!


250,000 steps during the month (average 8,000/day) and receive a free prize from Campus Recreation.

During the month of April, 187 "Steps to B-Healthy" participants walked 5,265,144 steps, about the equivalent of 2,632 miles.  This is up 13% from last month.  We are moving in the right direction!
top walkers met the 250,000 step personal challenge this month and will be receiving a neoprene sport armband to carry their smart phone, ipod or ID card with them on their walk.  Top honors for steps go to: Barbara Scarlett, President's office (401,046) Erin Moore, Athletics (369,470) and Bev Switzer, Athletics (321,732).  WAy to Go!


Complete 300,000 steps during the month (Average 9,675/day) and be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card from Campus Recreational Services good on all memberships, classes and services.  Try a membership for the summer, get a personal trainer to jump start your exercise plan or enjoy a fabulous massage!

During the month of May, 187 "Steps to B-Healthy" participants walked 3,780,914 steps, about the equivalent of 1,890 miles.  
top walkers of the month were Barbara Levonne - 554,656, Shana White - 503,451 and Pam Parten - 502,528.
The winner of the May $100 gift card to Campus Recreational Services was Erin Moore in the Athletics department! 


The team/department with the highest per person average number of steps for the month will earn a catered "meeting morsels" event from Binghamton University Dining Services by Sodexo.

The team/department with the highest per person average number of steps for the month will earn a catered "meeting morsels" event from Binghamton University Dining Services by Sodexo.
The weather this summer has been great. Walkers are enjoying every step of it.  During June, 191 Steps to B-Healthy Walkers covered 2,094 miles and over 4,186,364 steps.
June was a team challenge.  Congratulations to the Business Office for their first place finish with an average of 443,513 steps. This is their second first place finish! Runners up this month were the Athletics Dept. & Health Services.

Complete 250,000 steps during the month (average 8,000/day) and receive a free prize from Campus Recreation.


Team/Department Awards

Members must register for a specific team or department on their profile page to be eligible for the team awards. Teams must consist of at least four people; there is no maximum. A team/department designation can be adjusted at any time by going to the "Edit my Info" tab on the AHA Activity Tracker.

Winners will be determined by taking the total number of steps accumulated by all team members during the month and dividing by the total number of team members.

Binghamton University Dining Services by Sodexo will provide "Meeting Morsels", healthy refreshments to the meeting of your choice (for up to twenty people). Team members will be able to choose the Meeting Morsel menu from a selection of options like crudite's and hummus, fresh fruit platters, yogurt parfaits, homemade energy bars or black bean brownies or make your own trail mix options.

Monthly winners will be announced online. Check back and watch our progress!


This chart may be helpful in determining your activity level and help set goals for yourself.

2,000 steps = 1 mile (based on a 2.5 foot stride)

10,000 steps per day = 5 miles

Steps per day Activity level
< 5,000 Sedentary
5,000 - 7,000 Low Active
7,500 - 9,900 Somewhat Active
10,000 - 12,500 Active
>12,500 High Active
Developed by C Tudor-Locke and DR Bassett Jr (2004)

Increasing your steps

For most people, increasing your average daily steps each week by 500 per day is a reasonable goal. For example, if you are currently averaging about 5,000 steps a day, your goal for the first week would be 5,500 steps. For week two, your goal would be 6,000 steps each day and so on. Your ultimate goal over time would be to reach 10,000 steps a day (or more!).

From The Walking Site

Last Updated: 8/19/15